Mobile phones have nudged away the wallets in UK to buy food, books and other stuff up to a value of £15 by pre-loading their cell phones with up to £100.

Barclay and Orange have teamed up to enable customers to make small cashless payments.

Having a wallet on my phone has made it much more convenient to make purchases on the move and I like that it allows me to keep track of what I'm spending as I go, said David Chan, chief executive of Barclaycard Consumer.

A Near Field Communication, or NFC account has to be linked to the Barclay debit card or an Orange card to transfer funds across to the phone via online service.

At present the service works with Samsung Tocco Life handset which is on sale on Friday.

The shops that signed up to the system include McDonalds, EAT, Pret-a-Manger and some Boots stores.

Pippa Dunn, vice president of Orange, said,It is going to start a revolution in the way we pay for things on the high street.

Contactless Credit and Debit cards were already in the market, which has become quite popular in UK and is hoping greater momentum with the approach of 2012, Olympics.

With the mobile couponing coming into being in UK, NFC technology could hit popularity.

Currently there are 50,000 stores with NFC-enabled readers in UK.

Japan and Korea have been using mobile wallets for quite some time now operator DoCoMo NTT sponsors the functioning of it.

Apple have been promising since long to introduce mobile shopping facilities in its next iphone.