Moniece Slaughter sex tape update
“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Moniece Slaughter is not happy her sex tape could be leaked. VH1

In a sneak peek of Monday’s episode 10 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” Moniece Slaughter learns that her enemy Brandi Boyd is trying to destroy her by leaking her sex tape. After Moniece told a room full of strangers about Brandi’s court case during a listening party, Brandi made it her mission to get back at her nemesis and started scheming with Jason Lee to get their hands on Moniece’s X-rated video.

In the preview, posted by VH1, Fizz tells Moniece that Brandi’s husband Max Boyd is upset that Moniece aired their dirty laundry to people who don’t even know them. Moniece says she’s not sorry for what she did, but becomes angry when Fizz tells her that Brandi wants the world to see Moniece’s sex tape.

Moniece has no idea who could have secretly taped her, but says even though her and Brandi don’t get along there’s a line they shouldn’t cross.

“I can’t say that I’m surprised that this little gutter rat Brandi would stoop this low,” she says during her confessional. “After all, she loves to get dirty but I cannot figure out what Jason Lee has against me. I’ve never done anything to this man. Classic case of me minding my f---ing business and then here comes some bulls---.”

On Tuesday, Moniece went on a lengthy Twitter rant about her video being a storyline on the reality show. In her tweets the mom of one threatened to sue if her tape was ever released to the public. “Each and every person sitting in that room is going to regret it. Beg for forgiveness, never! Outsmart you, always … #countdowntocourt,” she posted. “And the powers at be who were so desperate for drama, are going to be sick by the time I’m done with them too. Built a season off my back! … These folks at the tip top got me f---ed up.”

She continued: “How stupid could you be? You were legally notified you were assisting these folks in a crime and you forged ahead anyway! So, I don’t feel like I was compensated enough for this type of exploitation, stress, or humiliation.”

It hasn’t been revealed who is in the tape with Moniece, but Jason said on a previous episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” that it’s a rapper. “Oh yeah, I know a guy that has a sex tape with Moniece,” he said. “I don’t know exactly when she was messing around with the guy.”

“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on VH1.