• Nintendo Switch Pro is rumored to arrive this year
  • More leaks reveal details about its specs
  • Nintendo has not yet confirmed that it's working on the Switch Pro

A new rumor hinting at the release date of the Nintendo Switch Pro as well as how it would handle older titles has popped up online.

One of the recent sources of information about the Nintendo Switch Pro is the industry insider NateDrake, who occasionally shares details about the rumored hybrid console on ResetEra. According to the latest information from the insider via Comicbook, the highly anticipated gaming console might be released sometime this year. While NateDrake did not mention specific details about the release, it seems that it could happen sometime in the holiday of this year.

Apart from this, the insider also mentioned that the Nintendo Switch Pro's new system-on-chip would boost older games through better fps and resolution. But it looks like this setup would only be available when the rumored console is on its docked mode.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro would utilize the Nvidia DLSS technology to achieve the 4K visuals on TV mode. Interestingly, there is a new report sharing more details about the GPU that the upcoming hybrid console would house. According to industry insider Kopite7kimi, the console would feature the Nvidia Ada Lovelace GPU.

Playing Nintendo's Animal Crossing was a lockdown diversion for many people last year
Playing Nintendo's Animal Crossing was a lockdown diversion for many people last year AFP / William WEST

If this is true, fans could expect that the rumors about delivering better performance could be true. The Nvidia Ada Lovelace is the next-generation GPU following the Ampere-based GeForce RTX series. The insider speculated that the company could be using the Ada Lovelace term as the code name of its upcoming graphics card series.

The Nvidia Ada Lovelace could deliver a better performance in comparison to the current-generation RTX. It offers better ray-tracing as well as DLSS capabilities.

Meanwhile, a Nintendo patent was spotted online recently, triggering speculations that it could be for the Nintendo Switch Pro. The patent in question is a new Joy-Con with repositioned and redesigned D-Pad. It comes with a Circle Pad under the main joystick, similar to the one in the Nintendo 3DS.

It is worth noting that to this day, Nintendo has not confirmed anything related to the rumored Switch Pro. Like all other leaks, fans should take this one with a pinch of salt.