• Chameleos and Apex Rathalos are confirmed for the "MH Rise" 2.0 update
  • More unnamed monsters are coming with the 2.0 update
  • Update 3.0 will introduce even more monsters and a new ending for the main storyline

The release of “Monster Hunter Rise” has been met with generally positive feedback among the series’ fans and the gaming community in general, but one of the biggest gripes that players have with the game is its lack of a proper “Monster Hunter” endgame.

The lack of Elder Dragons, Tempered Monsters and G-Rank quests have disappointed some players, but it has been confirmed that free updates will be coming to the game over the rest of 2021, with the first major update arriving in April.

This 2.0 update will add the elder dragon Chameleos and the Apex Rathalos to “MH Rise’s” roster of monsters, as well as their respective gear sets.

The Chameleos is a returning monster that was first introduced in “Monster Hunter Freedom 2.” Its design is heavily inspired by real-life chameleons, with bulging eyes, a long tongue and a scaly hide. In the game, a Chameleos can inflict the Poison status ailment on unfortunate hunters and it also has the ability to go completely invisible.

Meanwhile, the Apex Rathalos is a stronger version of the ordinary Rathalos. The Apex version is a new variant that will make its debut in “Monster Hunter Rise,” and based on the teaser trailer, it will bring even more fire-based attacks to the table with flames bursting from its mouth and chest.

Much like the other variants, the Apex Rathalos will have a unique moveset and possibly new mechanics that differ from the standard Rathalos. It will also have its own armor set similar to the Dreadking or Azure Rathalos sets from previous games.

However, these two will not be the only monsters that are getting added in the 2.0 update. There will be “several new monsters” that will be added alongside these two by the end of April. This could possibly hint at more elder dragons and more variations for existing monsters in “MH Rise.”

Even more new monsters are set to be released later this year with the 3.0 update, as well as a new ending for the game’s main story. Whether or not this new ending will be a continuation of the current storyline or an alternate ending is unclear.

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