“Monster Sanctuary “ has landed on Steam Early Access along with a trailer that shows the monsters and gameplay of the game. It is anything but just a “Pokemon” clone. The game lets players tame mythical beasts and creatures in a Metroidvania-style of gameplay.

According to GoNintendo, the game lets players choose their own “spectral familiar” or companion monsters through capturing and taming. The plot places the player in the shoes of a Monster Keeper who chooses to follow in the footsteps of their ancestor in mastering monsters and creating teams composed of them. The monsters are more than just companions to the players that use their unique powers as they make their way through the game.

The game lets players embark on an epic journey with a team built by monsters they’ve tamed. Each victory unlocks the next chapter of an expanding world as players compete to become the top Monster Keeper. With each chapter of the game unlocked, the players are also treated to more of the story, where an unknown enemy seeks to destroy the delicate peace between humans and monsters.

Game Spew reported that the game was developed by Moi Rai Games and published by Team 17. It is a side-scrolling, 16-bit style game in the fashion of the popular “Starbound” and with elements similary found in “Pokemon” games. The players are tasked to collect, hatch, and grow their monsters through battle and progression through each level.

The combat gameplay is tactical turn-based, and no one monster is stronger than the other. A unique team with different strengths is key to helping the player deal with different enemies. Each monster is also unique in that they have specific skill trees. With each skill unlocked, they gain stronger, more powerful skills, which also allow the players to develop their team to suit their playing style.

The new trailer for “Monster Sanctuary” was released along with the Early Access copy of the game available on Steam. The game is also reportedly coming to the Nintendo Switch, but so far no release date has been announced.

Publisher Team 17 has also been busy with other projects. The developer will be bringing more of the game and several other titles under the company to the PAX West 2019 that’s scheduled run from Aug. 30 to Sept. 2.

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Monster taming meets metroidvania. Screenshot shows monster team in inventory. Team17 Digital Franchise/Monster Sanctuary