Luxury brand Mont Blanc has unveiled an exclusive collection for Princess Grace Kelly, comprising beautifully designed writing instruments, fine jewelry and exquisite timepieces.

Coined the Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco, the haute collection pays tribute to the late Princess of Monaco who is known for her glamour, style and elegance.

All the creations from the collection have been made using diamonds and precious stones which have been cut in the form of petals. This structuring of the stones in the form of petals is to honor the Grace de Monaco rose which is a flower named after the princess when she was married to the Prince of Monaco in 1956.

The Forbes has reported that the collection comes with a charity partnership between Montblanc and the Princess Grace Foundation-USA, which assists emerging talents in the performing arts.

Explaining the comprehensive design process of the collection, Dalia Greppi, designer at the Montblanc Design Studio Paris said: It has been natural taking the Grace de Monaco rose as the principal element of inspiration: unique, delicate and elegant. Immediately after, the very first image to inspire the creation has been a cascade of petals - slowly floating in the air. Sophistication and elegance have been finally crystallized in the preciousness of the finest stones - diamonds and sapphires - to celebrate Grace Kelly's iconic style.

The Haute Joaillerie comprises three one-of-a-kind sets. Each set includes a necklace made of cascading sapphires and diamonds, filigree earrings and a matching bracelet. The design showcase is also been crafted using fine stones.

Apart from this, the collection also includes a stunning limited-edition time-piece and a fountain pen made of rare champagne colored solid gold.

Take a look at the complete collection by Montblanc in the images given below: