• Sony has requested its suppliers to help boost its PS5 production
  • It's unclear if the request will actually lead to increased production rates
  • Sony is investing heavily in the future of the PS5 platform

The long waiting times for hopeful PS5 buyers may soon come to an end after Sony directly requested suppliers to help crank up the production of the next-gen gaming console, but there’s no telling if this request can actually be realized.

Even after months since its release, gamers are still having trouble securing a PS5 unit due to the low number of consoles available on the market. Compounding factors like the prominence of scalpers during the early months of the PS5’s release, the coronavirus pandemic and the global semiconductor shortage in 2021 have prevented stores from selling PS5 consoles en masse, and this console shortage is expected to remain until next year.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said that the company is currently trying to increase the number of PS5 on the market by directly asking suppliers to boost their production rates, VGC has learned. Ryan mentioned that the online-only distribution caused by the pandemic hampered their ability to deliver consoles and admitted that the semiconductor shortage played a big part in the low supply of PS5 units on the market.

“We are asking our suppliers to allow us to increase production, which will flow into the market this year,” he said.

It’s unclear whether or not the suppliers can actually comply with this request, as every industry that uses computers is affected by the global chip shortage. Ryan did not mention any specific plans on how to boost production amidst a worldwide shortage, but it may be safe to assume that Sony is willing to spend even more money just to meet consumer demand.

As well as sales in the gaming sector, Sony's strong earnings were driven by strong performance for imaging sensors
As well as sales in the gaming sector, Sony's strong earnings were driven by strong performance for imaging sensors AFP / Kazuhiro NOGI

Sony has been quietly investing in getting more PlayStation-exclusive titles for the following years, as per IGN. The company plans to supplement the PS5’s roster of games with more PS-only titles, yet Sony also plans to have a number of exclusive games ported to PC.

Sony’s investment in the future of the PS5 is indicative of the company’s dedication to getting more consoles out in the market, and time will tell if its attempts to increase production will bear fruit for the sake of the fans who are still waiting in line.