• "Starfield" is an upcoming action-RPG game from Bethesda
  • Bethesda previously shared videos showcasing some in-game locations
  • "Starfield" releases on Nov. 11, 2022

Bethesda shared three short videos showcasing critical locations players can explore in its upcoming space-faring game "Starfield." It appears more details about the game are now available, thanks to a new set of supposed leaked in-engine images.

The new set of "Starfield" screenshots was shared on Reddit by a user who goes by the name iTardavk. These images reportedly originated from the game's 2018 build. One of the images features what seems like the interior of a space station while another image showcases concept models of spaceships.

One of these models was briefly shown in the teaser trailer Bethesda released at E3 2021. The space station interiors, on the other hand, appear consistent with the leaked images shared a few months back.

Bethesda的《星空之地(STARFIELD)》是很多人期待的一款遊戲。最近,B社遊戲開發總監,著名遊戲製作人Todd Howard接受了VentureBeat的採訪,採訪中他透露說製作這款史詩級科幻遊戲的念頭在他的腦中已經徘徊了10...

These leaked images, along with the previously released videos of in-game locations and the teaser trailer underline Bethesda's expertise in epic-scale world-building. It appears the upcoming action RPG set in space will offer locations, with each one carrying a unique look and feel.

For instance, the location called Neon is described as a pleasure city, and based on the video, people can go here and get 'high' on fish. The place is believed to be, by far, the most interesting location in "Starfield."

Neon was originally designed as a massive-scale fishing platform but soon after, people discovered the planet's fish has some kind of psychedelic properties. Compared to fishing, the drug trade is far more lucrative and it was just a matter of time that the planet was transformed into a pleasure spot on top of the water.

As Bethesda slowly starts to pull back the curtains, it has become apparent, especially for fans, that the development of the game is not rushed and was carefully thought of.

For fans who missed the video showing Neon, they can check it out below.

"Starfield" has been in development for several years and according to Bethesda head honcho Todd Howard, the game is in a "playable" state since 2018. The upcoming action-RPG title is scheduled for release on Nov. 11, 2022.

The game will launch on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series XlS. Fans can look forward to hearing more about "Starfield" as it approaches its release window.