• "The Virtuous Cycle" coincides with "Mortal Shell's" release on Steam
  • The DLC adds a new weapon, a new shell and a roguelike mode
  • "The Virtuous Cycle" releases on Aug. 18

The first DLC for Cold Symmetry’s brutal souls-like “Mortal Shell” is arriving very soon with some interesting new content for the game, expanding the original experience by a significant degree.

The “Virtuous Cycle” is set to add three big features to “Mortal Shell”: a new weapon, a new shell and several roguelike elements to the player’s grim adventure throughout the desolate land of Fallgrim. This DLC’s release also marks the game’s arrival on Steam after a period of exclusivity in the Epic Games Store.

“Mortal Shell” garnered very positive reviews from gamers, especially the “Dark Souls” fans who are particularly difficult to please. The game featured the standard lethal stamina-based combat that’s fitted with enough unique mechanics to carefully craft its own place in the genre. “Virtuous Cycle” aims to expand on this excellent foundation by adding more flavor, depth and replayability.

Mortal Shell's Vicious Cycle DLC adds the Axatana, a combo weapon that switches between axe and dual katana modes Mortal Shell's Vicious Cycle DLC adds the Axatana, a combo weapon that switches between axe and dual katana modes Photo: Cold Symmetry

“Virtuous Cycle” will completely change how “Mortal Shell” is played by incorporating roguelike elements like randomized enemy spawns and unique power-ups to the game.

Players can run into pillars that grant powerful upgrades like exotic weapon enhancements and new combat techniques. Meanwhile, every death will cause existing enemy placements to shift, making every run unpredictable and much more dangerous.

To help with this new challenge, players are getting access to the Axatana, a combo weapon that’s similar to “Bloodborne’s” trick weapons. The Axatana can be wielded as a hard-hitting, two-handed bearded ax or as twin katanas that can slice opponents with blistering speed. Each weapon configuration has its own movesets and statistical values.

A new shell, Hadern, is also getting added to the game. This is the same character that acts as the tutorial boss and guardian of every new weapon in “Mortal Shell.” As a playable character class, Hadern offers a unique dagger mastery tree as well as some extra options to help players absorb damage.

More lore and story bits are also getting added to “Mortal Shell,” fleshing out the world of Fallgrim even more and shedding even more light on the cataclysmic events that led to the land’s current state.

“The Virtuous Cycle” launches on Aug. 18 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.