• "Elden Ring" is still a few months away from its release date
  • Bandai Namco has a surprise to eager "Elden Ring" fans
  • Fans now learn more about the game's lore through its official website

Bandai Namco has shared additional information about the highly anticipated game "Elden Ring," including details about its narrative, gameplay features, combat, weather system, lore and a lot more.

Japanese multinational video game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment recently updated the official website of the "Elden Ring" with interesting information. The newly refreshed page of the title reveals its lore, including the description of Tarnished and their role in the game. Based on the update, it appears the player's character would be able to come back from the dead after getting killed in combat.

The official "Elden Ring" page also suggests the storyline will be determined by the in-game decisions players will have to make. For instance, if players prefer to battle against demigods, in-game events will play out in a different way. Moreover, players can use the weather and the environment to gain an advantage during battle.

Leaked Image Reveals 'Elden Ring' Release Date, Appearance On TGA 2019
Leaked Image Reveals 'Elden Ring' Release Date, Appearance On TGA 2019 Instacodez

The site highlights the player's choice between seeking understanding and seeking power, too. Players can also choose between dozens of skills and complete goals through stealth and combat. There is a selection between mastering the arcane arts of spellcasting or asking for the support of fellow Tarnished as well.

Moreover, the updated page shares more game lore. It reveals that after the "Elden Ring" was shattered, its shards scattered and were claimed by the demigod offspring of Queen Marika the Eternal. As these demigods "squabble and make war over the ruins of a perfect realm," players will come back to claim the promise of the legend, which is the Elden Lordship.

Interestingly, unlike other titles, all non-playable characters (NPCs) in the game are unfriendly. It seems that the majority of these NPCs are either hostile or mad while others could provide players with some answers if they help them.

"Elden Ring" players will also be able to use magic or arcane spells. Although nothing else is revealed about these arcane spells, fans believe that it could work similarly to the magic system of "Dark Souls."

As for the game's environments, the updated page mentioned marshes, grassy and bushy areas, as well as bogs that players could explore.

"Elden Ring" is currently in development and will release on January 21, 2022.