[08:42] Actress China Chow and designer Jeremy Scott
Actress China Chow (L) and designer Jeremy Scott (R) arrive at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles, California, November 7, 2015. Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn

The Moschino Barbie was sold out within an hour on Net-a-porter retailing for $150. The collector’s dolls designed by creative director of the fashion brand Jeremy Scott was launched Monday.

Scott shared the news with his followers on Instagram. “Moschino Barbie sold out in less than an hour! Wow! Barbie and I thank u for all the love!” he captioned the picture of the Barbie dolls Tuesday.

Scott has designed two collector’s dolls that are decked in Moschino originals. The dolls wear a slogan T-shirt, logo-trimmed mesh leggings, quilted faux leather bomber jacket and a pencil skirt, US Weekly reported. He accessorised the dolls with lots of jewellery including mismatched earrings, layered necklaces and a gold chain Moschino-emblazoned belt.

Also, the dolls featured mini quilted cross body bag, backpack, a motorcycle bag, a faux leather cap, shopping bag and sunglasses. To finish their look, the dolls also wore strappy high heels, which too are emblazoned with the word “Moschino.”

It was Barbie who led Scott to become a designer, People reported. He said that the thing that he loved about Barbie was that she is the ultimate muse and has worn every style and design imaginable. Also, she has delved into every profession possible.

He wanted to bring all of the Moschino elements to Barbie, as he had done just the reverse by bringing all of the Barbie elements to Moschino for the spring 2015 collection. Scott designed the Barbie along with Mattel Inc., an American multinational toy manufacturing company.

In addition, the American fashion designer also made an accompanying line of eight life-size, ready-to-wear pieces for women available exclusively on Net-a-porter. The eight-piece capsule collection includes adult-size versions of Barbie’s wardrobe and two Moschino Barbie T-shirts. The collection is expensive (priced between $225 and $1,595 for the apparel).

The Moschino Barbie campaign also featured a very 1980s style commercial with a catchy jingle, according to Hollywood Reporter.

According to Scott, he was keen to bring all the signature elements of Moschino to the Barbie collection. Barbie has reportedly been one of Moschino’s favourite muses.