Misty Moser's dinner preparations were halted by an unexpected visitor last week.

The Oregon mother opened a bag of frozen green beans only to discover the head of a dead snake in the package, KPTV reported. She initially didn't recognize what it was, thinking it was a few of the beans' stems that had frozen together. But after looking closer, she knew exactly what looked back at her.

"I noticed it had a mouth, nostrils and little tiny eyes," she told KPTV. "Not what I thought I was buying. I started panicking, and I actually had to ask everybody, 'What does this look like to you?' because I could not believe it was a snake head."

Moser purchased the Kroger Value green beans from a local Fred Meyer store, and she said she had eaten some out of the bag before she made her discovery. She contacted the hotline number on the bag and was offered a $15 coupon and directed to throw the beans away. However, Moser says she may take legal action against the company since she believes it should be "more concerned" about what occurred.