Moto X 2016 rear panel
A leaked photo of the prototype variant of the alleged Motorola Moto X (2016) has surfaced suggesting that it will feature a metallic chassis. CnBeta

Motorola is now rumored to be working on a successor handset for the Moto X (Gen 3) also known as Moto X Style or Moto X Pure Edition (2015). A leaked photo of the rear panel of the alleged Moto X (Gen 4) has surfaced that shows the handset in a metal unibody construction.

Most of smartphone OEMs have manufactured metal bodied flagships this year. It seems that Motorola too will join the bandwagon by launching the Moto X (2016) in metal unibody design. The rear side of the handset sports a huge camera hole which indicates that Moto X (2016) would reportedly feature an improved camera, Phone Arena reported, citing CNBeta (Chinese) and (Russian) sources.

The original sources have claimed that the leaked image belongs to a prototype variant of Moto X (2016). A big Motorola logo can be seen below the camera cutout. The Moto X (2016) will also be designed to deliver better multimedia entertainment experience because it also sports speaker grilles at bottom portion of the rear panel.

The overall appeal of the rear panel indicates that even though Motorola will be switching metal unibody design, the Moto X (2016) will reportedly sport the same design like its predecessors. The Moto X line of handsets has always featured polycarbonate chassis. It allows users to customize the appeal of the handset by changing rear panels with options like wood and leather.

Since the Moto X (Gen 4) is now expected to sport a metallic chassis, it is not sure whether next year’s variant will let users to customize its appeal. Like other upcoming flagships of 2016, the Moto X (2016) is rumored to arrive with Snapdragon 820 chipset, Venture Beat reported.

The Moto X Pure Edition (2015) was unleashed in July this year. Hence, the successor model is expected to be unveiled in the third quarter in 2016. Hence, more information on the design and features of the purported handset is going to roll out in the coming months.