moto x
Google Chairman Eric Schmidt holding what may be the Moto X. Gary He

It appears that Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has given the world a sneak preview of the elusive Moto X. Photos have surfaced of the executive holding a white handset that may be the yet-to-be released device.

Gary He, director of operations at Insider Images, a New York based agency specializing in corporate, public relations and event photography, shared the images on Twitter. We see Schmidt talking on a device with the Motorola logo on its back, which looks eerily similar to several leaked photos of the Moto X. Some have considered that the image could have easily been doctored, but enthusiasts are anxious for confirmation on the Moto X, regardless of how that information comes.

Many industry figures, including Schmidt attended the 2013 Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, which seems like the perfect place for new products to be showcased. However, with the Moto X still unconfirmed, there's no way to know for sure that the handset is, in fact, the Moto X.

In other photos taken by CNET, we see Schmidt holding the device at a different angle, which shows off its curved design, also indicative of handsets in several Moto X leaks.

moto x 2
Different angle of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt holding the purported Moto X CNET

But this isn’t the only real-time leak of what may be the Moto X. Blogger Robert Scoble captured video of Rick Osterloh, senior vice president for product management at Motorola, snapping photos with a device believed to be the Moto X at a private event hosted by Motorola adviser Guy Kawasaki.

We see Osterloh holding a black device while taking photos of singer Daria Musk as she gives an impromptu performance during the event. The video itself is quite blurry; however, the handset does appear similar to devices featured in previous leaks.

Rumors currently propose that the Moto X will be introduced to the Verizon network on Aug. 23. With just a few weeks until the anticipated Moto X release, it makes sense that Google and Motorola higher ups would be among the first already testing out the device. Google is reportedly investing up to $500 million into marketing the Moto X.

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