Rumors for the elusive Moto X are becoming more tantalizing than ever as recent reports propose the smartphone will feature a “pure Android” experience, complete with speedy upgrades, as well as a Clear Pixel camera.

Taylor Wimberly of Android and Me shared news about the Moto X on Google+ Sunday. While the Moto X and its features remain unconfirmed, many expect a particularly interesting gadget to come out of the Google and Motorola collaboration. Google notably acquired Motorola in 2012, and the motility has released a number of devices since then, including the Droid Razr HD, the Droid Razr Maxx HD and the Droid Razr M. However, higher-ups at Google reportedly remain unimpressed by developments by Motorola. The Moto X phone is set to be Motorola’s first major Android release as a company under Google.

Pure Android And Clear Pixel Camera

While reports say that the Moto X will provide users with a “pure Android” experience, the device is not slated to be a Nexus device as Google reportedly wishes to keep Motorola handsets and the Nexus family separate. Wimberly said the Moto X phone will benefit from “fast upgrade cycles,” which makes sense seeing as Motorola is a Google company. However, what remains uncertain is whether Google will be in charge of updates or if that will be at the jurisdiction of mobile carriers. As with the infamous Google Play Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, many fans expected that Google would be in charge of system updates for the devices, which also provide a “pure Android” experience. It wasn’t until after their unveiling that Google clarified that the devices’ manufacturers Samsung and HTC will be rolling out updates shortly after Google rolls out updates onto its Nexus devices. Many will be especially interested in seeing how updates for the Moto X phone are tackled.

The Clear Pixel camera purported for the Moto X is fascinating. However, no one appears certain as to exactly what a clear pixel camera is. According to Wimberly, the shooter will do away with dark, blurry pics that lack detail, but he doesn’t give away any information about the camera’s functions except that it will include gesture controls. Some suggest the name "Clear Pixel" is a fancy moniker implemented to compete against HTC’s UltraPixel camera. It definitely has many interested in what other features the Moto X camera will possess. Earlier reports suggested that the Moto X would feature a 10-megapixel main camera, which would sense when a user wanted to take a picture and launch the camera app accordingly.

New Moto X Photo Leaks

In addition to new rumors, new leaked photos have also surfaced, showing the exterior frame of what is supposedly the Moto X. The components shown look eerily similar to devices shown in previous Moto X leaks, complete with the Motorola logo in the top left comer. What we see from this recent Moto X leak, however, is a device with a thin bezel, likely offering an edge-to-edge display. Spaces for a front-facing camera, speaker and sensors are also clearly visible on the top bezel, as is another ominous hole located toward the middle of the bottom bezel. The leaked Moto X frames are shown in black and white, but rumors indicate that the Moto X will come in a multitude of colors.



Check out GforGames for more leaked photos.

Unveiling Day Thursday?

While several rumors for the Moto X have popped up in recent days, they appear to now be conflicting. Earlier rumors proposed that we would see the Moto X phone unveiled on Thursday. However, sources have divulged to CNET that the media event Motorola is reportedly planning for Wednesday and Thursday is not about its Android developments but rather something else.

What that thing is remains unknown, but the bottom line is fans are anxious for more information about the Moto X. Google and Motorola have done a pretty good job of teasing its latest development to the public in an advertisement that totes the Moto X as “designed by you” and “assembled in the USA,” which many believe backs up the rumor that proposed the Moto X will be a device highly customizable by its user. Many others have taken to deciphering the ad, which features a man and a woman jumping off a dock with their arms and legs respectively in positions similar to those of an “X” and an “I” -- the Roman numerals for “11.” Seemingly confirming the device’s name, the ad also reads “Moto X, coming soon.”


What do you think of the new rumored features and leaked photos for the Moto X? Do you think the Moto X will be unveiled Thursday? Let us know in the comments below.

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