• The new “Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord” update will introduce a host of additional content
  • The new Battle-Terrain System will add more maps based on the game's geography
  • Classic sandbox mode will be reintroduced into the game

Exciting changes are coming for “Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord,” including a multiplayer Duel mode, the new Battle-Terrain System, new siege and town maps, sandbox mode and more.

Game developer TaleWorlds Entertainment detailed the changes in their “Development Update #7” video.

The new Duel mode is unique compared to one-on-one modes from other games. In “Bannerlord,” Duel will put players inside a big map that features a gathering hub area and a number of class-specific dueling arenas. Players will be able to approach each other and request a duel from other players. They will then be transported to an arena based on the players’ classes where they can fight without any interruption. The player who scores the most points in total by winning duels is crowned the winner.

The new Battle-Terrain System is a new change that’s coming to the singleplayer aspect of the game. The system basically makes it so that players will fight in locations based on their actual location on the World Map.

If players encounter a hostile by a bridge near the coast, for example, then the game will load a battle map that closely resembles the geographic location of the player according to the game’s World Map. This will include terrain features such as bridges, hills, rivers, mountains and even the coastline.

This means that “Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord” will be receiving completely new maps to properly reflect actual world’s geographical locations.

On top of these updates, “Bannerlord” will also be receiving a classic sandbox mode similar to the main game mode in its predecessor “Mount And Blade: Warband.”

In sandbox mode, players are free to roam around the map and pursue their own goals without the main story quest constantly hounding them. This will also include more character creation options like Age and Body Weight and it will give players the ability to choose their starting location based on the faction they selected at the character creation screen.

Other additions include new helmets for the Battanian faction inspired by ancient Celtic designs. The game will also introduce new siege maps, faction towns and castles, the option to devastate settlements and DLSS 4K support for Nvidia users.

Lead the charge against the enemies of your kingdom in Mount And Blade II Bannerlord Lead the charge against the enemies of your kingdom in Mount And Blade II Bannerlord. Photo: TaleWorlds Entertainment