The trailer for the coming documentary Craigslist Joe has been released online. The film -- executive produced by Zach Galifianakis, star of The Hangover -- is about a guy who decides to go off the grid in a thoroughly modern way, through craigslist.

Craigslist Joe will be released in theaters and via iTunes on Aug. 2. It has already received some praise, most notably from the film's executive producer.

As you can see in the trailer below, the film follows a man who has had enough of the isolation that's inevitable with all the technology around us in today's world. Even though everyone is connected online through social media and cell phones, the personal touch seems to be missing in our connections.

Based on the short trailer, it looks like the man meets some pretty interesting people during the 31-day journey. He gets in the back of a sketchy van, meets a guy with gross sheets, and suffers more than one breakdown, probably from exhaustion. No word on whether the film ends with the main character's death at the hands of the infamous craigslist killer.

It's no surprise Galifianakis is involved in a project like this. The offbeat comic turned movie megastar has shown zero interest in the spotlight or being followed by TMZ cameras. Instead of living in Los Angeles or New York, Galafianakis has elected to reside with his wife on a farm in North Carolina, a decision that's only added to his notoriety because of its lack of accessibility for the paparazzi.

Considering how difficult it is for this reporter to just ride the train without sending a text, it's pretty brave of the film's subject to move through this world with no contacts and no money.

The journey looks to be an invigorating, refreshing look at the wacky side of America through the eyes of someone we're probably more like than we'd want to admit.