Apart from showcasing the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ flagship smartphones at this year’s Mobile World Congress, Samsung also grabbed the chance to show off new devices from companies spun off from its Creative Lab or C-Lab. The new creations present at MWC 2018 are wearable cameras, sticky note printers and helmet communication devices.

Wearable Cameras

Called FITT360, this device is a neckband-type 360-degree camera that’s capable of recording full HD videos from the first-person point of view. This device is created by LINKFLOW, and it features automatic stitching technology that allows for real time broadcast of 360 videos. 

FITT360 has a 6-axis sensor that ensures its stability and minimizes distortion. It’s also built with an ergonomic design so the could wear it comfortably for a long time. It is also designed to be highly durable to resist water and dust to some extent. Another variant, called FITT360 SECURITY, is intended for use as a bodycam. 

LINKFLOW FITT360 camera Photo: Samsung Newsroom

Sticky Note Printer

Another C-Lab project that was technically launched by Mangoslab is a compact smart printer called Nemonic. The device is designed to print memos, like sticky notes, for mobile devices or PCs without the use of ink or toner. 

The device has an app where users can check preset templates that they can use when they compose, edit and print information for the memos they are creating. Samsung says Nemonic can print handwritten memos, text, images or tablets on sticky notes in less than five seconds. 

What’s good about having its own mobile app is the fact that users can save their memos on a cloud service where they can manage and share them easily. It’s also worth noting that Nemonic has Bluetooth connectivity that can connect to up to 20 mobile devices simultaneously. 

Analogue Plus Nemonic printer Photo: Samsung Newsroom

Helmet Communication Device

The third C-Lab project that Samsung showcased was developed by Analogue Plus. It is a smart communication device, called Ahead, that is attached to a helmet. This is particularly intended for helmet users like cyclists, skiers and construction workers, so they could make calls, receive voice notifications and even enjoy music without having to put out their smartphones and other portable devices. 

Once the helmet communication device is paired with a phone, it can now do certain phone functions. It also has noise cancellation and beam-forming technology that ensure loud and clear communication even in very loud environments. It even has Push to Talk functionality that makes it possible for a user to communicate with other users simultaneously through a two-way radio connection. 

Mangoslab Ahead helmet device Photo: Samsung Newsroom