Some salacious news involving My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way has hit the Web. 

The 32-year-old bassist was allegedly caught cheating on his wife of nearly six years after his supposed mistress posted intimate pictures to Instagram.

According to a source who spoke exclusively to the International Business Times, Way's relationship with the "other" woman, 20-year-old Sarah Cantergiani , was exposed to the masses after an anonymous person made a Tumblr account called the “Archive of Scandal,” Way’s secret romance with the barely legal model has been made public.

The source added once the scandalous relationship was made public that Cantergiani deleted the incriminating photos from her Instagram account. 

The description of the website reads:

“An archive of relevant pictures from the Sarah model chick's Instagram. (The chick Mikey is banging now.)”

His wife, Alicia Way, is “devastated” by the news and took to her Twitter account to share her grief.


Her sister-in-law, Lindsey Way, who is married to Mikey’s brother and bandmate Gerard Way, also seems to be blindsided by the scandal and shared her condolences over the Way cheating scandal.

“Disgusted. I can only assume you wanted people to know… sloppy. Have you no shame????” She wrote on her Twitter account.

Then she sent a supportive tweet to Alicia:

“I love you. You are apart (sic) of my family and nothing will ever change that.”

Former My Chemical Romance drummer Bob Bryar took the opportunity to take a cheeky dig at Way as the scandal began to break:

hey @mikeyway you can always turn to jesus in times like these. jesus will understand,” he wrote, also sharing a picture of Jesus.

Bryar also quipped:

“CHEATER CHEATER PUMPKIN EATER. HAAAAAAA. F*** YOU, P*****. I should have beat you’re a** on that elevator. Is there a middle finger emoji?”

Whoever made the Tumblr account exposing Way caught all the tweets before Way’s wife made them private and before Lindsey deleted hers.

My Chemical Romance’s fifth album “Conventional Weapons,” with the tracks “Surrender The Night” and “Burn Bright,” will debut on Feb. 5.