• "My Hero Academia" chapter 274 showcases the much-awaited battle between Endeavor and Shigaraki
  • In the latest chapter, Shigaraki goes after Deku
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 274 will be releasing Sunday (June 7)

The new chapter of the manga series is set to drop in a few days, and “My Hero Academia” chapter 274’s updated raw scans are out online. The scans reveal the start of the battle between Shigaraki and Endeavor.

This article contains spoilers for “My Hero Academia” manga chapter.

The newly released “My Hero Academia” chapter 274 scans show Deku flying away as he promises that he will return. He knows that protecting the people of the city is the top priority.

The awakened Shigaraki means business. The evil villain will leave no stone unturned to prove his dominance over the heroes. In “My Hero Academia” chapter 274, Endeavor launches himself to attack Shigaraki.

However, Shigaraki watches the number 1 hero come closer to him; it appears he has no control over his body as he refuses to nudge. He is hit by Endeavor’s Hell’s Curtain attack.

Endeavor is certain that Shiagaraki is badly wounded because of the high temperature of his attack. However, Shigaraki is still up and moving. The villain tries to swipe is hand to touch the hero’s face.

"My Hero Academia"
"My Hero Academia" steamXO/Flickr

Endeavor knows that Shigaraki’s Decay quirk is deadly, and he manages to dodge it. Soon, he realizes that Shigaraki has regenerative capabilities that allow him to heal quickly.

The hero calls for pro-heroes on the comms. He announces that heroes who can move above the ground should gear up to face Shigaraki.

Endeavor needs his team’s assistance to deal with a villain like Shigaraki.

Meanwhile, the villain tries to grab the hero’s hand, but Endeavor is swift enough to catch Shigaraki’s wrist. However, Shigaraki blasts him, and he is completely thrown off.

Endeavor bounces back and is ready to face the villain. But Shigaraki stops and yells One for All. He remembers Deku. A panel in “My Hero Academia” chapter 274 shows Shigaraki and Deku together. Shigaraki recalls that Deku is All Might’s successor. He decides to head towards the evacuation zone, and Endeavor follows him.

It appears that Shigaraki wants to acquire Deku’s quirk.

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 274 is slated to release Sunday (June 7). The chapter will be available on Manga Plus Viz.