• "My Hero Academia" chapter 274 is releasing Sunday (June 7)
  • In "My Hero Academia" chapter 274, Shigaraki and Endeavor battle
  • Meanwhile, Ragdoll is upset as she cannot help them in "My Hero Academia" chapter 274

The new chapter is still a few days away. However, spoilers for “My Hero Academia” chapter 274 are out, and they tease the battle between Shigaraki and Endeavor.

This article contains spoilers for “My Hero Academia” manga chapters.

According to “My Hero Academia” chapter 274 spoilers shared by Twitter user Hype, the chapter starts with Endeavor charging towards Shigaraki. The fight begins with Endeavor trying to land a blow. Shigaraki is lost in his thoughts as he mumbles One For All, while Endeavor is coming to attack him.

Shigaraki gets a taste of Endeavor’s “Hell’s Curtain!” attack. Endeavor yells that his opponent cannot take the high-temperature fire, and Shigaraki cannot escape from it.

Endeavor is shocked that Shigaraki is not moving one step away. The number one hero rises to do his Jetburn attack. Shigaraki counters with his hands but misses as Endeavor dodges and backs up in the air.

In “My Hero Academia” chapter 274, Endeavor thinks that Shigaraki possesses regeneration capabilities, and he will have to change his attack approach. Endeavor decides to attack Shigaraki from behind and punch him into the ground.

Later, the hero informs his team that he is fighting against Shigaraki at the hospital site. He tells them to be ready to fight back. However, he is cut off as Shigaraki tries to grab his arms. But Endeavor blocks and grabs his arm from the wrist.

The hero knows that he cannot let Shigaraki touch him as it can activate the Decay quirk. However, Shigaraki manages to blast him away.

The blast is extremely powerful, and Endeavor is completely thrown off. The force is such that Endeavor bounces off the ground. Amid the rubble, Shigaraki says to himself that the teacher was conserving the energy.

Meanwhile, at the Pussycat’s headquarters, Ragdoll is upset as she could not find her quirk. She believes that if she could find her stolen quirk, she could assist them.

“My Hero Academia” chapter 274 is scheduled to release Sunday (June 7), and fans can read it on Viz and Manga Plus.

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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 274 Spoilers: Shigaraki’s Regenerative Capabilities, Ragdoll’s Regret
‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 274 Spoilers: Shigaraki’s Regenerative Capabilities, Ragdoll’s Regret Instacodez/Flickr