• Mt. Lady fails to stop Gigantomachia
  • Class 1-A heroes get ready to face the villain and his forces
  • My Hero Academia Chapter 279 is postponed to Sunday, Aug. 2

Gigantomachia is heading toward his master, Tomura Shigaraki. As the rampage continues, fans will have to wait as "My Hero Academia" Chapter 279's release gets delayed.

This article contains spoilers from chapter 278.

Class 1-A prepares to engage Gigantomachia toward the end of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 278. The new chapter will see the heroes come face-to-face with the giant enemy. However, "My Hero Academia" Chapter 279 is not releasing Sunday, July 26, Manga Plus confirmed.

The new chapter will be out Sunday, Aug. 2 on Viz and Manga Plus.

Chapter 278, which is titled "Disaster Walker" starts with Jiro pulling her earbuds out of the ground and announces the perimeter’s been breached. She tells other heroes about something huge heading their way.

The next panel shows Mt. Lady trying to stop Gigantomachia, who is desperate to see Shigaraki. Meanwhile, Mr. Compress asks Spinner what happened to him. Spinner reveals he was underground when Gigantomachia snatched him up for a ride on his back. Dabi notes Shigaraki must have been awakened and that led to Gigantomachia rushing toward him.

Elsewhere, other heroes on the ground wonder if the team at Jaku failed. They decide to back up Mt. Lady.

Another panel shows Midnight is seen riding Kamui’s back. They want Mt. Lady to hold a little longer, but she tells them Gigantomachia is way too powerful. Later, Gigantomachia grabs Mt. Lady and throws her out of his way.

The heroes fear if Gigantomachia reaches Jaku, he will destroy the city and power alone will not be enough to stop him. Mt. Lady gathers all her strength to go after the enemy. Meanwhile, Midnight and Kamui finally see Dabi, Mr. Compress, Spinner and other League villains hiding on the evil giant’s back. Before they can act, Mr. Compress throws a huge slab at them hitting them hard. The heroes land on the forest floor.

Yaoyorozu, who can hear Midnight’s cries asks if she is fine. Later, the heroes come up with a plan and decide to put Gigantomachia to sleep. Yaoyorozu takes command and asks the heroes to prepare to face Gigantomachia and the chapter ends.

It remains to be seen if Gigantomachia will meet his master, Shigaraki, who is battling against Endeavor, Izuku Midoriya and the remaining heroes.

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