• 'My Hero Academia' Chapter 282 is titled "Footfall of Destruction"
  • Shigaraki and pro heroes continue their fight
  • 'My Hero Academia' Chapter 283 is set to release Sunday

The battle between pro heroes and the League of Villains continues in the Paranormal Liberation War arc. "My Hero Academia" Chapter 283 is likely to bring the focus back on Gigantomachia.

This article contains spoilers

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 283 is expected to revolve around Gigantomachia’s attempt to reunite with his lord, Tomura Shigaraki. Toward the end of the last chapter, Gigantomachia is shown entering a city ready to destroy it.

The student heroes are trying to evacuate the town. Meanwhile, Iida and Tsuyu discuss failing communication systems. Soon, the people of the town get a video broadcast confirming the presence of Gigantomachia.

The broadcaster reveals that a giant villain is coming from Mt. Gunga in Wakayama Prefecture to Jaku City in the Greater Kyoto Region.

Gigantomachia’s predicted route is likely to take him through Nebaro City, Mino City, Kakun City, Hando City, Mosu City, Horisu City, Kuraudo City, Karida City, Karamari City, Suinara City, Hau City, Sairo City, Anoto City, Shido City, Ota City, Asaruda City, Nabato City, Kohera City and Kawa City. Uraraka notes most heroes are away to capture Gigantomachia.

However, it appears the heroes have failed to stop Gigantomachia who is in constant contact with Shigaraki. When Gigantomachia reunites with Shigaraki, the heroes will be in deep trouble as the pair will be unstoppable.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 282 titled "Footfall of Destruction" shows Shigarki chomping Deku’s arm after the Class 1-A student restrains the villain using Black Whip.

Later, Shigaraki whips out a Deleter Round or the Quirk-destroying bullet and shoots at Aizawa. Meanwhile, Aizawa, who is trying hard to keep his eyes open, takes the bullet in the lower leg. He remembers Eri and says to himself that it is because of her why he can handle this situation rationally without any hesitation.

Aizawa takes out his knife and cuts off his leg. Shigaraki appreciates his move but tells him it is of no use and he is bound to flinch.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 283 is scheduled to release Sunday. The digital copy of the manga is available on Manga Plus and Viz.

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