• Deku continues his fight against Shigaraki
  • Aizawa is hit by a Quirk bullet
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 282 is scheduled to release Sunday

Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, is going full power against Tomura Shigaraki. After witnessing Gran Torino’s horrific death, Midoriya is not in a mood to spare Shigaraki in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 282. The chapter is titled "Enemy’s Footsteps".

This article contains spoilers

The latest spoiler for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 282 is hinting at Shigaraki going after Aizawa. The summary is shared by Twitter user Atsushi and translated by keigowing.

"My Hero Academy" Chapter 282 starts with Deku using his Black Whip to restrain Shigaraki. Meanwhile, Shigaraki announces he is going to give him a bullet and he has a bullet between his fingers.

However, Deku hits Shigaraki with 100% Wyoming Smash. Shigaraki ends up biting Deku’s forearm. His teeth sink in Deku’s arm as blood spurts out.

Meanwhile, Aizawa is hit with the Quirk bullet. Fortunately, the bullet hit his lower right leg.

Aizawa has no choice but to get rid of the bullet as he whips out a knife and slices his leg above where the Quirk bullet hit him. It appears he cannot dislodge the bullet and amputation is the only solution.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 282, Shigaraki is impressed with Aizawa’s quick thinking and says to himself that he expected this from the hero.

The villain uses an area attack that pushes Deku back. Meanwhile, Deku starts to lose his grip on Shigaraki.

Before Deku can use his Black Whip again, Shigaraki stands right in front of Aizawa. The villain announces Aizawa’s time has come and digs his finger into the hero’s face.

However, Todoraki arrives in time and uses his ice attack against Shigaraki. Deku gets a chance to hit back at Shigaraki. Later, Midoriya grabs Rock Lock and Aizawa and takes them to a safe location.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 282 also shows Gigantomachia’s current status and it is possible fans will see him reunite with his lord Shigaraki in chapter 283 of the manga series.

"My Hero Academia Chapter" 282 is scheduled to release Sunday. Fans can read the chapter online on Manga Plus and Viz.

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