• Deku has activated Nana Shimura's Float Quirk
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 284 is postponed to Sept. 18
  • Shigaraki and Deku to battle in the new chapter

Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, has revealed his new Quirk toward the end of the last chapter. Deku announces he will not spare Tomura Shigaraki as the hero prepares to strike. However, fans will have to wait for the battle as "My Hero Academia" Chapter 284 is not releasing this Sunday.

Viz released the schedule and confirmed the delay. "My Hero Academia" Chapter 284 is now slated to release Sept. 18 along with "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 64 and "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" Chapter 50.

This article contains spoilers

Shigaraki shocks his opponents in the current Paranormal Liberation War arc. He has proved time and again how powerful he has become after inheriting All For One.

However, the last chapter reveals his weakness. After rising again and beating the heroes, Shigaraki’s chest opens up and blood gushes out. He realizes why he was all busted up. The villain notes he pushed his body past its limits to keep moving.

Shigaraki is aware he has Hyper Regen Quirk and his body shouldn’t have any limits. Deku remembers Gran Torino mentioned Shigaraki got the All For One Quirk transplanted into him. He knows that power is too much for Shigaraki’s body to keep up with.

Shigaraki attempts his Decay Quirk to beat the rest of the heroes. As soon as he touches the ground to activate the Quirk, the panel shows Deku floating in the air along with other heroes. Torino notes it is Nana Shimura’s Quirk – Float.

Deku vows to beat Shigaraki using his new Quirk. The chapter concludes with Deku charging toward Shigaraki.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 283, titled "75," also shows Class 1-A and other heroes struggle against Gigantomachia. Jirou, Sero and the others are clueless about how to stop Gigantomachia who continues to destroy everything.

The remaining heroes wonder if they survived because he didn’t consider them worthy opponents. Meanwhile, the attempt to sedate the giant enemy seems to fail miserably as Gigantomachia remains active.

The chapter also shows Kyudai Garaki celebrating the rise of the League of Villains. He tells the heroes how Shigaraki’s awakening turned everything on its head. With Gigantomachia rushing toward Shigaraki, Deku and the others need a solid plan to counter the villains.

Gran Torino from My Hero Academia
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