• The villains are growing in numbers
  • Deku is in a critical condition
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 299 is coming out on Sunday

The villains continue to hammer down the heroes who are recuperating after the great battle. The latest preview for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 299 teases the story taking a turn.

Twitter user Atsushi shared a brief summary of the upcoming chapter. Earlier, All For One announces in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 297 that this era will give rise to a "more perfect demon lord." He declares he will become the "greatest demon lord of all."

"Villain's forces have grown stronger and made heroes in pinch! The story takes a new turn!" The summary for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 299 read, according to Atsushi's tweet.

Meanwhile, Chapter 298 starts with a flashback scene from the Jaku Hospital raid. Redestro reveals that the world identifies him as the president of Detnerat. However, he is also the commander of the Metahuman Liberation Front. Redestro adds that he always wore two faces after the holy war in Deika City started.

Six hours have passed after the first breach as the villains continue the rampage inside Tartarus. The mighty prison has fallen.

Moreover, the enemies use the emergency aircraft to get out of the prison. The escaped prisoners from Tartarus team up with the Near High-Ends to attack other prisons freeing the convicts.

All For One, who has taken over Shigaraki's body, addresses the remaining League of Villains members. He also assures them that he holds the greatest respect for Shigaraki's will. However, the body needs time to rest and prepare for the final form.

The chapter shifts the focus to the heroes who are recovering from the battle. The first panel shows Bakugo waking up. He looks annoyed as he takes off the oxygen mask.

The hero yells at his team members who are happy to see him in his old form. Bakugo learns that he is in Central Hospital. He is worried about Deku, Todoroki and Endeavor.

Later, he rushes to meet Deku, who is still unconscious. Unfortunately, Deku is showing no sign of waking up. The panel shows Deku in a comatose state and All Might sitting next to him.

The manga will not be taking any break and "My Hero Academia" Chapter 299 is releasing Sunday. The chapters are available online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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