• Deku vows to beat the League of Villains
  • He teams up with Hawks, Best Jeanist, Endeavor and All Might
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 310 is releasing this Sunday

The time to settle the score with the evil League of Villains is here as Deku, All Might and the top three heroes team up against Shigaraki and other villains in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 310.

After meeting Gran Torino in the hospital, Deku vows to make the League of Villains pay for their crimes. "My Hero Academia" Chapter 310 is expected to showcase Deku, All Might and the top three heroes (Endeavor, Best Jeanist and Hawks) preparing a plan to lure the villains.

In the previous chapter, Shikkui Makabe (Hero name: Mr. Smith) and Iteiro Toteki (Hero name: Boomerang Man) see a jailbreaker from a distance. Meanwhile, Tatami holds Yo Shindo, who is badly wounded after his brief battle against Muscular.

If it weren't for Deku's timely arrival, Shindo would have perished. But according to Tatami, she never got to thank Shindo's rescuer.

Meanwhile, Shindo recalls his last encounter with Deku and notes the latter has a completely different vibe now. At Daina Police Station, Deku, who is surrounded by the smokescreen, arrives with Muscular. The forces are shocked to see Muscular as they rush to take him into custody.

Deku notes that the fourth user of One For All has calmed down. Later, he meets All Might who asks him if he is hurt but Deku says he is fine. Deku thanks him for importing the Mid Gauntlet compression support items.

However, All Might wants him to be careful as they are mere prototypes made to enhance Deku's endurance. He adds that the items will reinforce Deku's entire body but warns that they won't last if he goes 100%.

All Might reminds him to avoid stretching them to their limits before the rematch. Hawks calls All Might to ask about Deku's wellbeing. In response, All Might says he is fine for now.

Meanwhile, Deku escapes after receiving another Danger Sense. Later, the chapter goes into a flashback when Deku is recuperating in the hospital. The doctors believe Deku needs more rest as his limbs are still recovering from the attacks.

Deku tells Inko about One For All and all the secrets about the Quirk. All Might assures Deku they are doing everything to protect him at U.A. Academy. However, Deku reveals that he's not going back to the academy because he feels Shigaraki can locate him anywhere and he doesn't want anyone else to get hurt.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 310 is set to hit the stands this Sunday.

Gran Torino from My Hero Academia
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