• Overhaul and Deku meet in the new chapter
  • Lady Nagant is still a threat
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 315 is releasing Sunday

The nail-biting battle between Lady Nagant and Deku is reaching its peak. Deku sees Chisaki (also known as Overhaul) with Lady Nagant. The leaks, scans, and spoilers for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 315 are expected to drop Thursday.

The final panel of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 314 shows Deku’s shocking reaction to see Overhaul working alongside Lady Nagant. Chapter 315 is most likely going to address this cliffhanger moment.

The new chapter is expected to share more details about Overhaul and Deku might learn in what capacity is the villain working with Lady Nagant.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 314, titled "The Lovely Lady Nagant," Deku grabs the villain’s arm and tries to restrain her.

Lady Nagant notes Deku is getting faster and wonders what is he up to. Deku knows the best way to take out the sniper villain is by getting close to her. Lady Nagant tells him she will not spill any secrets and launches a counterattack.

She tells him how the Safety Commission taught her everything she knows. Deku asks her why is she working for All For One as he is planning to take over everything.

Lady Nagant rants about how the Safety Commission is a phony organization and is only creating a fake sense of order in society.

The chapter goes into flashback and Lady Nagant is shown working for the Safety Commission as a hero. She is tasked to take out an alleged group of terrorists. And on mere suspicion, she kills all of them.

She remembers how the organization needed to maintain two sides and she followed the orders to a T.

But soon she realizes how it was all a lie. She recalls the day the president of the Safety Commission calls her for her next mission.

She questions him but he tells him she cannot simply walk away from the job. Without giving it a thought, Lady Nagant points the gun at the president and kills him.

She tells Deku how she believes the future ruled by All For One will be more transparent and that is why she is supporting him.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 315 is slated to hit the stands Sunday. The chapter will be available for readers on Manga Plus and Viz.

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