• Aoyama and his parents are confronted by the heroes
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 337 is coming out this Sunday
  • The chapter will be available on Manga Plus and Viz

Deku finally knows that the traitor within U.A. is Aoyama. The latest leaks from "My Hero Academia" Chapter 337 suggest Deku, Bakugou, Hagakure and the others will confront Aoyama and his parents.

A Discord user named Rukasu has shared the spoilers of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 337. The chapter opens with Dabi telling other villains that if other students find out about the mole, it will derail their plan.

All For One intervenes and compares Aoyama to a lighter, he asks if anyone gets sad when it suddenly stops working. He adds if Aoyama and his family fail, they will implement the next plan. He compares them to mere disposable tools.

Elsewhere in the forest, Aoyama's parents carry him as they wish to take him to a safer location. He continues to cry and remembers his past.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 337, it is revealed that the Quirk Aoyama received is not compatible with his body. However, his parents did everything possible to make it work. He was excited to pursue his dreams with his Quirk but things took a turn for the worse when he started receiving orders from All For One.

Coming back to the present, Aoyama is crying as he shoots a laser at Deku but Hagakure manages to deflect it. His parents try to explain their situation but Deku uses Black Whip to restrain them. He tells them Hagakure acted so that he doesn't hurt anyone. Deku is shown crying.

The scene changes to a classroom where Aoyama and his parents are tied to chairs. All Might, Nezu and the other teachers are present as they want to investigate his Quirk and ascertain when he received it.

The teachers ask the students to leave but they are shocked and state they don't wish to leave.

They wonder what would have happened if Aoyama is able to execute All For One's orders. The interrogation begins as the teachers ask them about All For One's next move.

His parents reveal they don't know anything about All For One as they were only following orders. They don't even know about his current location.

Toward the end of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 337, Deku states Aoyama is not crying because he failed to execute All For One's command but because he doesn't wish to backstab his friends. The chapter concludes with Deku extending his hand and asking Aoyama to hold it.

Deku declares Aoyama can still become a hero. "My Hero Academia" Chapter 337 is releasing this Sunday. 

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