• "My Hero Academia" Chapter 347 is releasing Sunday
  • The manga is also called "Boku no Hero Academia"
  • The chapter will release on Manga Plus and Viz

Calling Eraser Head a major letdown, Tomura Shigaraki goes after Mirko. In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 347, Shigaraki's massive blob of fingers will take on Mirko.

Elsewhere, the heroes are missing Deku because they know One For All is crucial in defeating Shigaraki and All For One. It remains to be seen if Deku will appear in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 347 and save Mirko from Shigaraki's deadly and unexpected attack.

In Chapter 346, titled "Super Hyper Unfair Broken Stage," Suneater, Dynamight, Edgeshot and Mirko reached the U.A. floating fortress.

Best Jeanist asked the arriving heroes about Deku. Dynamight told him Deku got dragged into some other portal. Nejire and Suneater wanted to warn their comrades about Deku's current status, while Mirko expressed her desire to go head-on in the battle.

Shigaraki realized how everyone was floating in the sky and he was the only one warped. He wasted no time and launched his Decaying powers toward the ground and created a sort of shockwave. However, he was shocked when several plates tossed him in the air, and the electromagnetic barrier above him left his body immobile.

This gave Best Jeanist enough time to grab him using his carbon fingers. He revealed Shigaraki might be immensely powerful, but a strong current was just enough to leave his body stiff for a moment.

The hero told Shigaraki that they built the floating fortress, which would be his flying coffin. However, Shigaraki mocked him by stating that the heroes would eventually run out of resources.

Inside the fortress, Power Loader, Mei Hatsume, Cementoss and the other heroes in Development Class were working hard to repair the metal pieces destroyed during the battle.

Creati was leading from the front and making plates that would replace the damaged ones.

Later in the chapter, Shigaraki was ready to attack the arena again but his Quirk failed to activate. The villain realized Phantom Thief, Manual and Eraser Head were using Erasure to delete his Quirks again.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 347 is coming out this Sunday. Fans can read the chapter online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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