• Shigaraki is fighting against the heroes
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 346 is releasing Sunday
  • The chapter will be out on Manga Plus and Viz

The latest spoilers and leaks of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 346 are out detailing the beginning of the war between the heroes and villains.

A Twitter user named Atsu has shared the summary of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 346.

The chapter opens with Nejire, Bakuguo, Mirko, Tamaki, and Edgeshot emerging out of the portal. Best Jeanist is shown panicking as Deku isn’t there.

He asks them what happened to Deku and Bakugou responds that he was likely pulled away by someone. Hearing this, Tamaki, too, starts to panic because One For All is the foundation of their plan.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 346, Mirko wants to go ahead and fight the villains. Elsewhere, Shigaraki’s eyes are white as he analyzes the situation.

He figures none of the fugitives or members of the Liberation Front are around, so he will have to deal with the threat alone.

Shigaraki uses the Decay Quirk and touches the ground. However, there are iron plates placed underground that start to move upward throwing Shigaraki into the air.

He ends up touching the force field and is instantly electrocuted. Before he can bounce back, Best Jeanist appears and hold him down with wires.

Shigaraki sees the metal plates crumble and realizes the mechanism was designed to fight his decay spread.

The villain tries to provoke Jeanist by saying he will overcome this strategy. Interestingly, another set of metal plates emerges and Jeanist tells him they are never short of resources.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 346 shows the inside of the air fortress created by the heroes to defeat Shigaraki. Power Loader comes out and warns Cementoss of the destroyed metal plates.

Inside the fortress, Momo, Hatsume and the others are working tirelessly to provide Jeanist and the others the necessary backup.

The new chapter also shows Kaminari, Fukidashi and students from the other school releasing electricity for the force field. Mirko and Bakugou head toward Shigarki and he thinks about deflecting using the Shockwave Quirk.

He is unable to use it because Momona is close and seen copying Aizawa’s Erasure Quirk. It is the perfect time to land the final blow but Deku is nowhere near him. Toward the end of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 346, Shigaraki’s body releases countless hands and they go after Mirko.

Fans can read "My Hero Academia" Chapter 346 online on Manga Plus and Viz this Sunday.

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