• Endeavor and Hawks deal with a new villain
  • Hood is in the city and Endeavor must stop him
  • The League of Villains has sent several Nomus to attack the heroes

A High End Nomu attacks Endeavor and Hawks in the upcoming episode. In “My Hero Academia” Season 4 episode 25, the extremely powerful Nomu is set to give a tough fight to Endeavor.

This article contains spoilers from “My Hero Academia” Season 4 episodes.

The new episode showcases Hood wreaking havoc in the city and it is up to Endeavor and Hawks to stop him. Meanwhile, Deku and others are excited to witness Endeavor’s battle against Hood.

Deku looks up to Endeavor after the latter became the number one hero.

Official “My Hero Academia” Season 4 episode 25 trailer summary

“A Nomu from the League of Villains has attacked Endeavor and Hawks. Do they have a chance at winning against an opponent with regenerative abilities and multiple Quirks? As the nation holds its breath while it watches, Endeavor, the newly-minted number one, burns with seriousness and resolve.”

Episode 24 of “My Hero Academia” revolved around the hero rankings on the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart. The episode showcased Wild Wild Pussycats who dropped at the U.A. Academy to find out their ranking on the chart.

Meanwhile, the episode went back to the ranking chart and explained the process.

Fans found out about the Kamino incident and how it deeply impacted the rankings. After All Might’s retirement, people were expecting major shuffling in the rankings. The episode showed Hawks teaming up with Endeavor. Despite Hawks' powers, he doesn’t want to knock out Endeavor. Towards the end, it was revealed that the League of Villains is forming a big army of Nomus who will attack different parts of the world. The finale of this season will likely be about Endeavor’s ability to deal with this new threat.

Episode 25 of “My Hero Academia” can be viewed online via live streaming mode on Crunchyroll. The episode titled “His Start” will be available in Japanese with English subtitles.

My Hero Academia Season 4 episode 25
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