• The school festival arc begins
  • Mina Ashido's secret skill is revealed
  • Class 1-A continues to plan the festival

The school festival arc has started in “My Hero Academia” and the students of Class 1-A will move on after the events of Shie Hassaikai arc.

[Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

In the latest “My Hero Academia” Season 4 episode, the non-hero pupils in U.A. Academy are under immense pressure as they are stuck in the sidelines and witness the new threats and villains planning against the academy.

The non-hero students are pretty stressed out and to ease out they decide to give their all to the Culture Festival. While they are trying to allocate the tasks, Mina Ashido reveals her great skill that becomes important for her hero work. Ashido is a skilled break-dancer, Comicbook reported.

She can spin extremely fast. Her spin is so swift that she is capable of kicking wind up from her feet. Her classmates are thoroughly impressed with her dancing moves. Meanwhile, Izuku Midoriya is able to connect the dots and reveals that when Ashido dances it shows how flexible her fighting ways are.

Episode 19 of “My Hero Academia” Season 4, Kirishima is clueless about investing time and energy on games and activities when the villains are ready to execute their evil plans. Aizawa supports Kirishima and acknowledges his views but he believes that it is important for the academy to showcase the school festival. The first half of the episode focuses on planning the festival, as a matter of fact, the entire episode has a feel-good vibe to it. However, Class 1-A is unable to figure out what to organize.

At this time, Aizawa issues an ultimatum that if they are unable to come up with a plan then they will be served a public lecture as a part of their festival. In the episode, Togata and Midoriya visit Eri to find out about her. The trio’s reunion is sweet but Midoriya is aware of Eri’s dark life. Eri reveals that she has forgotten how to even smile. She tries to smile for them but they know inside she is in a very dark place.

“My Hero Academia” Season 4 episodes air every Saturday.

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 4 Episode 16
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