Nadya Suleman, also known as the Octomom, is being investigated for child neglect after Suleman's hairstylist filed a formal complaint with the La Habra police department.

Suleman's hairstylist, Stephanie, filed the complaint with the authorities after she went to Suleman's house and found the children living in squalor conditions.

Pictures of the house obtained by TMZ show the children in the back yard using portable training toilets, running around with no pants on and dirty feet, children are being locked in rooms by propping a chair up and other pictures show a crib in a room and two mattresses on the floor.

Stephanie says that the plumbing in the house is ruined and that only one toilet is functional, that some children are forced to sleep on the floor, the house is filthy, the children are dirty and malnourished and that boys are wearing girls clothes.

The kids are in desperate need of help, and I tried to help and she's not open to anyone helping her, Stephanie said.

Investigators visited Suleman's home on Tuesday night. As they were entering the home, Suleman told them excuse the graffiti.

Police stayed at the home for around an hour-and-a-half and determined that the children were not in any danger, but will be returning to follow up.

Suleman, dubbed as the Octomom' by the media, first made in headlines in 2008, when she gave birth to eight babies at once. Suleman already had six children from previous IVF treatments. Suleman said that she went forward with another IVF treatment because she didn't want her remaining eggs destroyed. It was reported that Suleman was implanted with six eggs and one split resulting in twins. The normal amount of eggs implanted into a woman is usually around three or four.

Suleman later said that she did not want all of her remaining eggs implanted in her, but that she was under anesthesia when she signed the form and did not read it. Her fertility doctor, Dr. Michael Kamrava, was expelled from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in October 2009.