A fleshy rebellion is spreading hot and fast across the cybersphere, as a growing number of activists are stripping down in support of Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani, who was reportedly banned from her homeland after posing topless for French magazine Madame Le Figaro.

Farahani -- who had earlier been banned from leaving her country for appearing in the 2008 Leonardo DiCaprio/Russell Crowe film Body of Lies -- appeared without a shirt, but with her hands covering her breasts, to protest Iran's restrictive policies toward women. The actress, who's now based in Paris, told the press that she was subsequently advised by the Iranian government that she is no longer welcome within her former country's borders.

But there might be a happy -- or at least sexy -- ending to the sad tale of gender oppression. Since world of Farahani's predicament broke, a movement has sprung up, with supporters encouraging others to post Farahani's topless photo as a PicBadge of the actress' photo-shoot to their Facebook profiles.

Other, more daring, supporters have gone so far as to post their own skin-baring portraits as a show of solidarity for the banished thespian. A Facebook page in support of Farahani has so far amassed 3,422 likes, and boasts numerous photos of pro-Farahani-partisans posing in the buff.

This page has been formed, in order to support Golshifteh's move, in order to say NO to relegion, tradition, culture and anti women's law, a statement on the Facebook page reads. Viva freedom !!!

It's unclear what, if any, effect the movement will have on the infamously rigid Iranian government's decision.