Court-TV and CNN personality Nancy Grace speaks during a rally in support of the Children's Safety Act (H.R. 3132) July 26, 2005 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Grace said that when announcing stories about abducted children that she weeps during the commercial breaks. Getty Images

Nancy Grace, the journalist-turned-crime show TV host who shone a national spotlight on the Casey Anthony murder case in 2008, was not happy with the Tot Mom's recent interview with the Associated Press. Grace posted a statement calling out the acquitted mother Tuesday for Anthony's claim that she sleeps "pretty good at night" years after her 2-year-old's death.

"No parent in their right mind could ever get over the death of a child," Grace wrote on her recently launched website, Crime Online. "With all the mothers and fathers that I’ve dealt with over many, many years, prosecuting their children’s killers, trying to find their missing children, beating the streets to help locate kidnap victims and murder victims, I have never once in all my years had a parent say they sleep pretty good at night when their child has been kidnapped or murdered."

Anthony gave her first public interview this week since her toddler, Caylee, went missing in summer 2008 — at which point Anthony's mom said her daughter's car "smelled like there's been a dead body in it." The girl's remains were later found by the Anthony home, and Anthony was charged with Caylee's murder. She was found not guilty of killing the girl during a high-profile trial in 2011.

Anthony, who Grace nicknamed "Tot Mom" in her exhaustive, passionate coverage of the case, has been in hiding since her acquittal. She surfaced at a rally against President Donald Trump last month, where she was spotted by an AP reporter who coordinated the exclusive interview.

Anthony told the AP she wasn't sure what caused her daughter's death, adding that she didn't care what anyone thought of her. "I'm OK with myself, I sleep pretty good at night," she said.

Grace, whose fiancé was murdered in 1979, wrote in her statement that she still has nightmares remembering her loved one's death. Grace suggested Anthony's interview indicated again that she only cared about attention — not about Caylee.

"Did she call police? No. Did she set up a search center? No. Did she go out looking for the child herself? No," Grace said of Anthony's reaction to Caylee's disappearance. "Ask yourself: Why? I would suggest it is because she allegedly knew where her daughter was all along."