“Nashville” Season 3 seemed to give Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) and Avery (Jonathan Jackson) a happy ending in the midseason finale with their quickie wedding. However, Avery’s scenes with Sadie (Laura Benanti) made a few fans worried. Javery shippers even tweeted at Benanti to stay away from Juliette’s man. Thankfully for fans, it appears that scandal is one “Nashville” will not be pursuing.

“They have a good energy together,” Benanti told TV Line. “It’s not romantic. I go on Twitter, and people are like, ‘Leave him alone!’ Everybody, calm down. Men and women can be in a room and no one’s genitals have to touch. It happens in real life.”

Juliette’s jealousy was already taken care of in episode 8. She heard Avery call Sadie “hot,” but she didn’t realize he only meant her career. After some hilarious stalking, Sadie decided that Avery was too much drama for her. Yet, Juliette knew she had to make things right. She asked Sadie to work with Avery and promised not to go crazy every time he talked to another woman.

Sadie and Avery might be spending some more time together, though. Benanti also noted that they’ll be logging plenty of studio time while they make Sadie’s album. Her music will have “a very rootsy vibe that is different from what Rayna and Juliette have going on," Benanti said. "It’s a little more Americana, which I appreciate.”

Hopefully, Avery will at least become a good friend to Sadie. After her ex-husband Pete (Jay Wilkison) assaulted her in the midseason finale, she’ll need someone to rely on.

“Nashville” Season 3 returns to ABC on Wednesday, February 4, at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. Are you happy Sadie and Avery are keeping things platonic or would you rather watch a love triangle? Sound off in the comments section below!