The bad news just keeps coming for Juliette (Hayden Panettiere). After checking herself into rehab earlier in “Nashville” Season 4, it seemed like she might be getting her life back together. However, even if she gets her daughter back, her husband Avery (Jonathan Jackson) might not be willing to put their divorce on hold, especially after he meets a new love interest.

Avery will meet a new woman, played by “Boardwalk Empire” alum Meg Steedle, when the show returns from winter hiatus in the spring. She will play “a single mom that Avery sparks to after they have a charming first encounter,” TV Line reports. It isn’t clear how long Steedle will be on the ABC drama or if those sparks will lead to anything more serious.

Even if Steedle doesn’t stay long, it’s clear that Avery isn’t ready to welcome Juliette home with welcome arms. First, he’ll have to be convinced that his wife is actually better. In a sneak-peek video of Wednesday’s “Nashville” winter finale, he tells Emily (Kourtney Hansen) that Juliette must be lying and manipulating people when she says that she went to rehab to get treatment.

It isn’t clear when Avery will actually see Juliette again. Like her character, Panettiere also had to take some time off to get treatment for postpartum depression (she gave birth to daughter Kaya in December 2014). However, in real life, Jackson is very excited to see his onscreen wife again. “We've been in communication, and she seems to be doing well, and we're really excited to get back to work when the time comes,” Jackson told People earlier this month.

“Nashville” Season 4 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. Do you think Avery will take Juliette back in the 2016 episodes? Sound off in the comments section below!