Nashville 503 recap
Maddie and Deacon shared a heartfelt moment in “Nashville” Season 5, episode 3. CMT

“Nashville” has moved to CMT, but the show isn’t forgetting the past. In fact, some characters are finding it difficult to move beyond what happened last year. In Season 5, episode 3, Juliette struggled with her injuries from the plane crash, and Maddie realized that she hasn’t fixed her relationship with Deacon at home yet.

Juliette’s Angel: Hallie (Rhiannon Giddens) still hasn’t called Juliette (Hayden Panettiere). After doing some research, Juliette tracks her down and meets her. Hallie seems friendly, and Juliette notices that her car barely starts. She sends the social worker an SUV, but Hallie turns it down. It doesn’t feel right to accept it.

Juliette apologizes for being overzealous. She just doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t understand why she survived. Hallie says a higher power was giving her a chance to change. The starlet admits that she isn’t sure God wants to hear from her, but Hallie assures her that He is there for her.

It’s not all bad news for Juliette, though. She starts to get some feeling in her legs just as she starts giving up. “I’m never going to get better. I should have died in that plane crash. You’d be better off, I’d be better off,” Juliette tells Avery (Jonathan Jackson).

He tells her that even if she doesn’t believe in possibilities, he will. Juliette is holding her daughter and suddenly feels Cadence pee all over her leg. She actually felt it, which means she is getting better. She also sits down at the piano and starts writing again, another indicator that she might be feeling like herself again.

Nashville 503 Juliette
Juliette isn't sure she deserves to get better in “Nashville” Season 5, episode 3. CMT

Avery’s New Diva: Avery starts working with Ashley (Bridgit Medler), a YouTube sensation. However, the diva doesn’t like following his directions. He eventually has to quit because she doesn’t want his advice.

Avery, who continues to be sweet and patient with Juliette, realizes that he is entirely focused on other people. He wistfully looks at photos of himself singing, and he seems to miss it.

He’s still focused on his ex-wife, though. He moves more of his stuff into her house, and he asks Juliette what they are. Even Juliette isn’t sure, and she asks if he’s okay with that. He isn’t and he knows that she can’t be okay with it either. Still, he plans to stand by her despite the confusing nature of their relationship.

Nashville 503 Bridgit Mendler
Ashley's disregard for other people causes trouble in “Nashville” Season 5, episode 3. CMT

Maddie’s Independence: Maddie’s (Lennon Stella) parents have set her up with a sweet internship at the recording studio. A coffee run allows her to meet Clay (Joseph David-Jones), a cute street musician. They definitely have sparks, and Clay gives her his demo.

However, the internship also forces her to work for the diva Avery is producing. Eventually, Maddie gets fed up with Ashley and calls her out on her behavior. Maddie obviously gets fired and refuses to apologize. Deacon is afraid to call her out on her respect issues because he doesn’t want to make her run away again. She’s still emancipated. Living with her parents is a choice, and she can change her mind.

Rayna (Connie Britton) talks to Maddie after she is fired, and Maddie seems defensive. Her mom says that this isn’t about the job, though. It’s about her relationship with her father. They really haven’t talked about all the hurtful things Maddie said in the trial. She claimed to be afraid Deacon would hurt her and used his past against him.

Maddie goes to her sister and asks if she’s becoming a horrible person. Daphne (Maisy Stella) confirms that yes, Maddie has been a little awful. But she seems happy that her big sister at least can acknowledge her imperfections.

Maddie and Deacon sit down for a chat. She knows that what she did was wrong. “I really felt trapped and I felt like that was my only way out, and now I feel like we can never go back. There’s no way you can trust me after I lied like that. I’m just really sorry,” she tearfully tells her father.

Rayna’s Potential Stalkers: This week left us with two potential suspects for the man tailing Rayna. There was a very anxious fan who was disappointed that Rayna wouldn’t accept his demo. Then there is the intern, Randall. He steals Rayna’s trinket box with Maddie’s picture on it.

“Nashville” Season 5 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on CMT.