The first official “Nashville” Season 5 trailer has been released (and can be seen above), and it is packed with drama! The former ABC series has moved to CMT, but the new network will still continue to make life difficult for our favorite country stars.

The new trailer recaps where the show left off, and it also teases what’s ahead. CMT didn’t stop with a trailer, though. They also released a synopsis for “Nashville” Season 5. Check out all the spoiler-y reveals below:

Deacon And Rayna Fighting — They’re married, but Deacon (Charles Esten) and Rayna (Connie Britton) aren’t living happily ever after yet. “I go your way, or I live with disappointing you,” Deacon seems to tell her. In another scene, Deacon looks confused as he wakes up in bed alone. Let’s hope that Rayna isn’t talking to Deacon when she says that she doesn’t want to “fall into this trap.”

Creative Conflicts — Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar (Sam Palladio) are always trying to figure out how to balance their relationship with their career, and it looks like their new romance will make things even more complicated. “Singin’ that song makes me want to slap the living hell out of you,” Scarlett tells Gunnar.

Trouble For Highway 65 — Rayna is pushing the Exes to release another single because Highway 65 isn’t doing well. The synopsis says Rayna’s label is “struggling financially.”

Maddie’s Love Interest — Maddie (Lennon Stella) seems very interested in Clay (Joseph David-Jones), a new character, and is even seen locking lips with him in a scene.

Maddie’s Return — Expect some awkwardness in the Jaymes-Claybourne household. According to the summary, Rayna and Deacon will be a little confused about how to handle Maddie after her emancipation and subsequent return home last year.

Will’s Love Triangle — It apears Will (Chris Carmack) is going to get into some trouble. Kevin (Kyle Dean Massey) looks angry while in the crowd at Will’s show, and another scene shows a new character, Jakob (Murray Bartlett), getting a little too close to Will as he puts on a suit.

Juliette’s Plane — The only new footage of Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) is at the end of the “Nashville” Season 5 trailer. She is on a plane with some serious turbulence. Click HERE if you want to know her future.

Rayna’s Journey — It seems Juliette’s dangerous situation will affect Rayna as well. “The shocking news about Juliette creates a wave of emotions throughout Nashville and sets Rayna off on a journey of discovery,” the synopsis reveals.

CMT just piled on the good news Thursday. In addition to the trailer and synopsis, they announced that a special sneak-peek would air later this month. The first half of the two-hour premiere will air Dec. 15 on CMT.

“Nashville” Season 5 officially premieres Thursday, Jan. 5 on CMT at 9 p.m. EST.