The sight of black cats can be disconcerting especially if you tend to be superstitious. For many years, it's been believed to be a sign of bad luck when you come across a black cat. Unfortunately, black dogs suffer from this stigma as well. This is why October 1 has been designated as National Black Dog Day. It serves as a reminder that black dogs should be loved, not feared. If you are a fur parent, you know how lovable black dogs are! 

Show your love for your black fur friends with these gift ideas for dogs: 

1. BoxDog

BoxDog Subscription boxes Photo:

Surprise your dog with monthly or quarterly treats from BoxDog. It offers subscription boxes that contain goodies like fresh handmade treats, vegan skincare and other dog-friendly products. Each box is unique and contains items that perfectly match your dog’s personality since you can choose which items will be included. Now is the perfect time to get one as BoxDog is giving away FREE velvet dog blankets with your box purchase. Just use the code BLANKET and look forward to snuggling up with your dog.

2. Pineapple Pet House

Pet n' Purr Pineapple Pet House Photo:

Wouldn't your LBD (little black dog) look cute in this tiny pineapple house? Dogs need privacy too. Give your pet a private space where he'll be super comfortable and at peace. Your dog's new little home is soft all over to avoid accidental bumps in case he gets a little too excited and keeps moving around. Not only will your pup look cute in it, but it will also look cute in your room! It doubles as a decorative piece that will surely brighten up any space. 

3. ClearQuest Pet Eye Wipes

BaxterBoo ClearQuest Pet Eye Wipes Photo:

When your pet has black fur, eye gunk is easier to spot. Keep their eyes looking adorable with these pet eye wipes. It is specifically made for gentler eye cleaning while lowering the risk of eye irritation. This is perfect for dog breeds with short muzzles as they are more prone to eye discharge. It contains aloe vera which works well on your pet's tender areas due to its soothing properties. Its travel-friendly packaging enables you to easily bring it with you anywhere. 

4. Virbac C.E.T. Pet Single-Ended Toothbrush BaxterBoo Virbac C.E.T. Pet Single-Ended Toothbrush Photo:

When choosing products for your pet's oral care, it's best to check which ones are most suitable for them and are approved by professionals. The Virbac C.E.T. Pet Single-Ended Toothbrush is made for smaller breeds and is veterinarian recommended. With softer bristles, gum irritation is kept at bay. For better oral hygiene, its bristles are strategically angled to reach all the crevices in your dog's mouth.

5. Vegan Dog Lotion by Dog Fashion Spa - Semplice

BaxterBoo Vegan Dog Lotion by Dog Fashion Spa - Semplice Photo:

Did you know dogs need lotion too? Your dog's hair coat does not only keep him looking good, but it also reflects how healthy he is. Vegan Dog Lotion by Dog Fashion Spa has a calming scent of white tea and Tuscan trees. Keep your dog's skin and fur hydrated with the help of essential nutrients that treat dry skin. If you ever wondered how groomers make your dog's coat shiny, this is the product to try.

6. Natural Dog Company Powerhouse Travel Dog Balms BaxterBoo Natural Dog Company Powerhouse Travel Dog Balms Photo:

Natural Dog Company Powerhouse Travel Dog Balms come in different variations to address specific needs. This bundle gives you the chance to try all their balms in travel-sized packaging There's a healing balm for dry and chapped snouts, cracked paws, paw protection, skin irritations and skin folds. Bring these with you on your next adventure with your pet and be prepared to face anything!

7. BarkBox BarkBox Themed Subscription Boxes Photo:

BarkBox offers creative and exciting themed boxes every month. You'll never know what kind of fun things await your beloved pet! Every delivery day will feel like your dog's birthday. It's like unwrapping gifts! To give you a glimpse of what to expect, this month's theme is Peace & Fluff. It offers a mix of the best 60s-inspired toys and treats.

8. BarkBright BarkBright Bright Dental Kit Photo:

The best form of pet dental care is doing it in such a way that they won't notice. For as low as $1 per day, your dog's oral health is covered through BarkBright. It'll bring you a monthly supply of dental treats that aren't only good for your pet's teeth, but also his overall health. Every kit contains dental sticks, triple-enzymatic toothpaste and a few surprise items good for a month. The treats serve as your pet's toothbrush. As your dog chews, the treat scrubs off debris from his teeth while the enzymes in the toothpaste break it down. Simply squeeze a line the size of a French fry onto the chewy treat and watch your dog enjoy his morning brush.

9. Poop Bag Dispenser ZeeDog Poop Bag Dispenser Photo:

Tired of looking for newspaper or plastic bags every time you have to walk your dog for poopie break? This Poop Bag Dispenser comes in a fashionable keychain that dispenses poop bags whenever you need one. It's a functional and fashionable piece that'll surely come in handy. 

10. ID Tag

ZeeDog ZeeDog ID Tag Photo:

This ID Tag from ZeeDog is not just any ID tag. Its unique design serves a function -- to give you a peaceful and quiet walk with your dog as it makes absolutely no noise, jiggling nor bouncing around. Its seamless attachment also prevents it from getting lost. Its minimalistic look goes perfectly well with ZeeDog collars. 

11. JustFoodForDogs - Custom Diet

 JustFoodForDogs Custom Diet Photo:

JustFoodForDogs makes sure your pet always gets the nutrients he needs. Aside from offering a variety of options to choose from, you can get JustFoodForDogs to come up with the best diet for your dog. With a one-time formulation fee of $250, your dog will have customized food to address his specific needs in just two weeks. All you need to do is provide the company with your dog's medical records so they can formulate food that fits your dog's dietary recommendations. These will be shipped frozen while custom nutrient blends are sent in powder form. 

12. Custom Bagel Bed Majestic Pet Custom Bagel Bed Photo:

The Custom Bagel Bed can be personalized starting with the design, cushion and size. Only upholstery-grade fabrics and premium high-loft polyester fiberfill are used to create a unique bagel bed for your dog. From design to comfort, your dog's unique preferences are considered to ensure a good night's sleep.