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Forget running out to Krispy Kreme or some other doughnut giant. Celebrate National Doughnut Day by making your own sugary treats at home. Getty Images

Doughnuts come in all shapes, sizes and flavors and that, my friends, is truly something to celebrate. Whether you like your doughnuts flakey, cakey, filled or frosted, there’s some variation of the sugary treat to satisfy your craving.

Friday marks National Doughnut Day, meaning companies like Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts, Sheetz and more will be giving away doughnuts all day. While buying your treats is a quick and easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth, we know that there is nothing quite like the taste of something you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into (figuratively, of course).

As such, we’ve rounded up 26 delicious doughnut recipes that even a novice baker can whip up at home. Check it out:

Traditional Sugar-Covered Doughnuts: You know what they say — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This recipe from All Recipes creates a classic sugar coated doughnut that’s sure to please. It is also extremely customizable. Swap granulated sugar for powdered upon completion for an equally delicious powdered doughnut or whip up a quick glaze (recipes here and here).

Classic Glazed Doughnuts: Speaking of traditional, why not give Epicurious’ classic glaze doughnuts a try? Sure there are more ambitious recipes out there, but there’s no denying just how delicious a good old fashioned glazed doughnut can taste. Don’t let those middle bits go to waste! Check out Just a Taste’s glazed doughnut hole recipe.

Old Fashioned Sour Cream Doughnuts: For those looking for the flavor of a glazed doughnut with a bit more body, Handle the Heat’s got a recipe for you.

French Quarter Beignets: The jury is still out as to whether beignets are actually doughnuts, but we’re choosing to include them anyway. These light, powdery treats are a favorite of Kim Kardashian (seriously — she once traveled to New Orleans to satisfy a pregnancy craving!) and it’s no wonder why. Check out Paula Deen’s recipe.

Matcha Doughnuts: Matcha is having a major moment right now. Bon Appétit has found three ways to mix up matcha in doughnut form.

Baked Strawberry Doughnuts: Summer is just about here, which means strawberries are in season and more delicious than ever. Why not add a few fresh berries to a delicious cakey doughnut? Check out Cooking Classy’s recipe.

Blueberry Cake Doughnuts: Blueberries are also in season — toss your morning muffin aside and try this fruity, sugary doughnut from Duff Goldman instead. These blueberry glazed earl grey doughnuts are another fine option. Check out Oh, Lady Cakes for the recipe.

Cherry Glazed Doughnuts: Another wonderful fruit option is these adorable cherry cake doughnuts with a sweet vanilla glaze. Feel free to get creative with your sprinkle options or follow in the footsteps of Shugary Sweets.

Fruity Pebbles Cereal Milk Doughnuts: Admit it — No matter how old you get, you’ll always have a soft spot for cereals from your childhood. Post Foods knows that and that’s why they’ve combined Fruity Pebbles, sweet cereal milk and a hearty cake doughnut. The marriage of flavors is sure to speak to your inner child, but don’t take our word for it. Make some and find out for yourself!

Double Chocolate Doughnuts: Satisfy your chocolate cravings by whipping up these double chocolate doughnuts from Just So Tasty.

Cronut: Food mashups are all the rage. In New York, hungry patrons line up day in and day out for a taste of Dominique Ansel’s highly coveted cronut. While you could go out, brave the long line and hope they’re not sold out before your turn, we suggest taking the time (lots and lots of time) to make some cronuts of your own. ABC News was fortunate enough to get their hands on a copy of the very recipe that skyrocketted Dominique Ansel to fame. It’s a long, painstaking process, but we’re willing to bet it’s worth it.

Quick and Easy Fauxnuts: If you want the taste of a cronut before National Doughnut Day is over, we suggest following this quick and easy recipe from Pop Sugar or this salted caramel version. Both use Pilsbury’s premade croissant dough, which eliminates a lot of the hard work.

Churro Doughnuts: Speaking of food mashups, check out Kitchen Nostalgia’s churro doughnuts. Complete with a thick chocolate sauce, churro doughnuts are a guaranteed hit.

Coffee Cake Doughnuts: Looking to spoil your loved ones with a decadent, delicious breakfast/dessert? Chef In Training has got you covered.

Samoa Doughnuts: What could be better than combining the flavor of a Girl Scout cookie with a doughnut (the correct answer is nothing)? Check out A Dash of Sanity of this insanely delicious doughnut idea.

Doughnut Twists: Fried dough, sugar and chocolate brandy sauce? What more could you ask for. Check out Martha Stewart for step-by-step instructions.

Happy eating!