National Egg Day is marked annually on June 3 to celebrate the nutritious food, which is packed with protein and amino acids.

There are endless ways to cook an egg -- from the humble hard-boiled and scrambled to the elegant souffle and eggs Benedict -- and they all taste amazing.

Here are some riddles and funny one-liners, courtesy, to share with all egg lovers today:

1. I can’t eggs-actly say if the chicken was created before the egg, all I know is there has to be an eggs-planation.

2. One egg asked the other -- how shocked are you that you are an egg? Answer: Shellshocked

3. What do you do when you break your mom’s crate of eggs; you scramble.

4. Have you ever noticed how people pile rocks to make art? I bet they don’t use eggs because it would be egg-stremely hard to stand them up!

5. What do you do when you are too eggs-cited to speak? Eggs-claim!

6. Question: Why were all the eggs missing? Answer: They discovered an eggs-it.

7. Eggs remind me of people, they all look the same but once hatched, they can be completely different.

8. If I was eating fried eggs, while watching a scary movie, would I at some point become terri-fried?

9. Best romantic egg quote ever… ‘If you could give me the chance, I’d whisk your heart away.’

10. Question: What days of the week should eggs be eaten the most? Answer: Fry-days.

Deviled Eggs
Celebrate Easter by making delicious Deviled Eggs.  Pixabay/Michael Sylvester