National Espresso Day, observed every Nov. 23, celebrates the popular beverage hailing from Italy. Lovers of the brew may just have an excuse to indulge in their favorite coffee drink on this special day.

The word espresso is a borrowed Italian word that simply means "made for one serving" or "made at the customer's request." Nowadays, however, most associate it with the small, delicious cup of "highly concentrated," bittersweet coffee that many people love.

The simple difference between an espresso and a regular cup of coffee lies not in the actual beans. While both are delicious, one of the main things that make an espresso is its pressurized brewing method.

From the early days of the espresso — even before the advent of the very first espresso machines — to the espresso that we know and love today, this little cup of coffee has been an integral part of many people's regular days.

Today, lovers of espresso have a reason to celebrate and enjoy a cup of their favorite drink. The simplest way to do this is, of course, to enjoy a cup of espresso. Whether you have your own machine or have a go-to cafe where you get your fix, you can take a little more time to appreciate the rich flavors and aromas of a simple espresso.

On the other hand, others who have not yet tried a cup of espresso may celebrate by giving it a try today. Who knows? They may also grow fond of espresso by having a little break from their usual coffee and trying a new one.

Espresso lovers may even celebrate by being a little adventurous today. Instead of ordering their usual brew, perhaps they can try some other types of espresso drinks. For instance, they can try the Spanish Cortado, also known as Gibraltar, or the dessert-like Espresso con Panna. After all, there are many delicious ways to enjoy espresso.

As for those who are feeling a little generous today, they may grab an extra shot of espresso for another person, whether it's for someone they know who already loves the drink, another customer at the cafe they frequent or perhaps for a front-line worker who certainly needs the pick-me-up, like a firefighter or a hospital worker.

No matter how one chooses to observe National Espresso Day, or even how one pronounces the drink's name, the point is to celebrate and enjoy the delicious brew.

Celebrate National Espresso Day with the best coffee beans.
Celebrate National Espresso Day with the best coffee beans. Pixabay