Who hasn't taken a selfie yet? Unless you have been living under a rock or averse to using camera phones, it is unlikely that you haven't clicked a selfie.

With the advent of smartphones, taking a selfie has turned into an art. Our phone galleries may be flooded with selfies, but we all know that "the perfect selfie" didn't happen by chance.

It takes a lot of effort with regard to the angle, lighting, surroundings and equipment, to click one which you can confidently flaunt.

Considering Monday, June 21, is National Selfie Day, it is time to get your phone out and start snapping. But, before you do that, here are some tips to click the perfect selfie.

1) Light: Finding the best light source is the key to a great selfie. Natural light is the perfect source as long as it doesn't come from behind you. The light should ideally be coming from the front or the side of the object, according to Vogue.

If you are going for an artificial source, ring lights are the best option. The benefit: It gives you beautifully, evenly lit images sans harsh shadows or dark areas, which have always been a problem with phone camera flashes.

2) The right pose: For the perfect selfie, one needs to position the smartphone camera just above your eye-line, angled slightly down. The distance of your phone from your face also matters. Since the wide-angle camera on the front of the phone distorts your face slightly, keeping your face closer can spoil the image. Also, look at the camera, not on the screen.

Holding the phone to the side rather than the front also helps, according to Cosmopolitan.

3) Be aware of the surroundings: Look around you, not only to find the perfect selfie spot, but also to ensure you don't put yourself in line of danger. According to the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care 2018 report, 259 people died in 137 incidents between 2011 and 2017 while taking selfies. This is especially important for people who take travel selfies.

4) Find the perfect app: One can look beyond the smartphone cameras for perfect images. From Facetune to VSCO, multiple filters are available to edit the picture. Download the app and click a stunning selfie.

Representational image Pixabay