National Water Balloon Day is observed on the first Friday of August every year. This occasion is dedicated to celebrating water balloons, which are guaranteed to bring anyone fun, especially in summer.

Made of latex rubber, a water balloon is filled with water. It can be used in water balloon fights and several other popular games.

The first water balloon appeared in 1950 when Edgar Ellington tried to find a solution for his trench foot, a disease caused by feet's exposure to damp, unsanitary and cold conditions. He tried to make a waterproof sock by covering a normal cotton sock with latex.

To test if it was indeed waterproof, Ellington filled the sock with water. Unfortunately, it started to leak. He was so disappointed with his invention that he threw the water-filled sock on the table and it exploded. It was then that he decided to market his creation to children as a toy.

Water balloons became so popular that in 2019, the town of Newmarket in New Hampshire founded National Water Balloon Day, which can be celebrated by anyone who wants to enjoy a fun game while cooling down amid the summer heat. After all, one can never be too old to have some fun filling up balloons with water and squishing and splashing around with family and friends.

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Here's a list of some fun games you can play with water balloons to make this occasion more special. (Courtesy: Milwaukee with Kids)

Water Balloon Toss

This game is played in pairs. A player needs to toss the water balloon to their partner, who is standing across from them, and catch it when it is tossed back to them. With each turn, a player must take a step back, jump or even run and reach as far as they can to keep the balloon from dropping and exploding on the ground. A player gets a point each time they successfully catch the water balloon.

Water Balloon Hot potato

This is played just like the game of hot potato. Everyone should stand in a circle and pass the water balloon around while the music plays. When the music stops, whoever has the balloon must pop it over their head and the person gets eliminated. The last person standing is declared the winner.

Spoon Relay Race

This is similar to a relay race, in which players are divided into teams. One by one, members of each team have to deliver water balloons to the finish line using only a spoon. Each time a team member reaches the finish line without dropping the balloon, they need to turn over the spoon to the next person in line so that player can continue the game. However, when a team member drops a balloon, they need to get a new one and go back to where they started. The first team to complete the race wins.

Water Balloon Musical Chairs

In this game, players have to sit in a circle while a song is being played. Each player passes the water balloon to the person next to them until the music stops. Whoever is holding the water balloon when the music stops playing gets eliminated. The game goes on until there's only one winner left.