• Naughty Dog's "The Last Of Us 2" achieved impressive feat just a week after it was released
  • While others like to rest on their laurels, it seems that Naughty Dog is already working on a new game
  • Recent job listing suggests that the gaming studio is hiring people for a new project

Naughty Dog, the studio behind the recently launched “The Last of Us Part 2,” is currently looking for people to work on its next-generation game. The second installment to the successful “The Last of Us” series achieved an impressive feat shattering records in the UK a week after it was released. Instead of taking a break, it appears that Naughty Dog is now back in the studio, working on another title.

Naughty Dog’s career website has a job listing for a Level/Environment Designer for a single-player title. The gaming studio is also looking for a Melee/Gameplay Animator that could create compelling gameplay for its future project(s). Additionally, the studio wants a Tools Programmer to work on next-generation graphics analysis, profiling and debugging tool.

The job listing indirectly states that the gaming studio has started working with Sony’s PS5 for its soon-to-be-released game. In one of his recent interviews, “The Last of Us 2” Creative Director Neil Druckmann mentioned that the next title could either be “The Last of Us 3” or a new IP. However, he clarified that, at present, he has no concrete idea for how to continue the story of the recently released title.

Naughty Dog A former employee is claiming that he was sexually harassed while he was still working at Naughty Dog. Photo:

In 2018, Naughty Dog said that it’s working on “The Last of Us 2” standalone multiplayer experience. It is a spiritual successor to the Factions mode of “The Last Of Us.” It can be recalled that “TLOU2” was intended to feature a multiplayer mode, just like the first installment. However, because of the main game's time constraints and ambitions, the gaming studio dropped it.

Interestingly, the latest job listing suggests that there’s a lot of things happening inside Naughty Dog’s Santa Monica office. Others think that the job listing could be for a new “Uncharted” game. It is worth mentioning that with descriptions vaguely hinting about the game, the project is anybody’s guess.

Since Naughty Dog is still hiring people for the project, it would take some time before the industry could hear more about this game. But, rumors and leaks would surface time and time again, despite lack of official information. “The Last of Us 2” is now available and playable on Sony’s current generation PS4.