It is hard to believe that only two episodes are left in Season 14 of CBS series “NCIS.” Last week, Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) cracked down on a major bush meat smuggling ring. The regular case-of-the-week episode also saw Harmon ride a horse!

What will happen next week in “NCIS”?

Well, according to the synopsis, episode 23 will see the team prepare for Timothy “Tim” McGee (Sean Murray) to finally tie the knot with the love of his life, Delilah Fielding (Margo Harshman). That’s right: These two love birds are getting married! Or are they?

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The ceremony planning will take its toll on the bride and groom. They struggle to plan the wedding while dealing with the stressful demands from both their families while working on their respective cases. In fact, the stress is so bad that poor Delilah is rushed to the hospital in the penultimate episode on “NCIS” Season 14. Oh no!

However, executive producers Frank Cardea and George Schenck assured McGee and Delilah shippers that the episode will be satisfying for them. “They’ll be very happy,” Schenck told TVGuide, “They'll go through a lot of angst with them, but they'll really appreciate the way it ends.”

The wedding problem will be resolved with a big twist. The producers teased that the twist will actually be a cause for celebration for the team.

The promo shows McGee rushing his to-be bride to the hospital after she collapses. Obviously, he is worried and distraught. Gibbs advises him to never take anyone or anything for granted. Poor McGee.

While the impending nuptials get stalled, the team deals with a new case. The NCIS team travels out to sea after a young and very healthy Petty Officer aboard a Navy destroyer dies in his sleep.

Then, the following week, “NCIS” airs its final episode of Season 14. Some of the agents head down to Paraguay after they find the dismembered hand of a Navy SEAL in the jungle. The case takes an ominous turn when the agents discover that the Navy SEAL was supposed to be vacationing elsewhere and not in Paraguay.

The problem is that the jungle they are heading to in the South American country is actually controlled by a serious band of rebel baddies, reports Entertainment Weekly. Schenck teased, “As the team searches for the missing Navy SEAL, the mission takes a drastic turn,” teases executive producer George Schenck. Cardea added, “Gibbs is forced to make a shocking and life-changing decision.”

In fact, Season 14, episode 24 ends on an explosive cliff-hanger which will leave one character’s life hanging in the balance. It becomes a question of whether each member of the team in Paraguay will be able to escape the harrowing situation or not.

“NCIS” season 14, episode 23 airs Tuesday, May 9 at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS. The season finale airs on May 16.

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