Nessa Diab Girl Code
"Girl Code" star Nessa Diab, pictured in her cast photo for the MTV show, said Monday night she was afraid her boyfriend, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, might be cheating on her. MTV/Viacom

“Girl Code” star Nessa Diab doesn’t post pictures of her boyfriend, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, on Instagram, but she doesn’t mind talking about him on television. The multi-talented host discussed her relationship during Monday night’s episode of the hit MTV show -- and she's afraid he might have been unfaithful.

One of the questions that came up was whether anyone on the panel had been cheated on. Fellow “Girl Code” star Carly Aquilino raised her hand, and then Nessa, as she is known, related a recent insecurity she had with her NFL beau.

Diab didn’t name Kaepernick, but simply referred to him as her boyfriend. Nessa explained she felt insecure in her relationship, which is why she recently thought there was another woman in the car with the quarterback. In reality, it was just the voice of the GPS telling him where to go when he was driving. Nessa then divulged she later stalked him on Instagram. She became even more suspicious of him cheating since he "liked" a picture of a tiger, of all things.

Since Nessa is paid to be entertaining, the story could have just been told for laughs. But Aquilino, who is also friends with her off screen, confirmed that Nessa called her to talk about the NFL star reputedly liking a picture of a tiger on Instagram -- as weird as it might sound.

Nessa, 31, is also a host for Hot 97, a New York station. The television personality was hired to replace longtime host Angie Martinez, and sometimes talks about her relationships on the air.

But her bond with Kaepernick isn’t the only one she had. She compared her gig at Hot 97 to a “new relationship” during a January 2015 interview with Hip Hop DX. “You’re gonna get out the new lingerie, you’re gonna spice it up a little and you’re going to thank your old boyfriend for teaching you those tricks, but now it’s time to learn some new tricks,” she said. “I feel like coming to Hot 97 is a dream come true and I can’t wait to learn new things here."

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