• Netflix is donating $1 million to support the Brazilian workers who are unable to do or find any work due to the COVID-19 outbreak 
  • The donation will help people working in the fields of cinematography, art design, sound, and makeup
  • Workers would need to apply for the monthly wage on the website of ICAB

Streaming giant Netflix is extending a helping hand to the Brazilian production workers and freelancers who have been affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. According to Variety, the streaming service is donating $1 million to support the workers who are unable to do or find any work due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The media outlet also reported that the money will help more than 5,000 workers who are involved in various sectors like art design, cinematography, sound, makeup, and logistics. The workers will be getting a monthly wage of $200 from the money which will be distributed by the Brazilian Institute of Audiovisual Content (ICAB).

Mauro Garcia, the executive director of ICAB, expressed gratitude toward Netflix for helping the workers in such crucial times. Garcia also urged other “industry players” to contribute as much as they can to provide help to the workers who are in dire need of all the financial support.

“We would like to invite other industry players to contribute to the fund, which is designed exclusively to support those who are key for the Brazilian production industry,” said Garcia.

Workers who want to avail of this opportunity just need to apply on ICAB’s website. A committee has been set up to respond to the applications received by the organization and it consists of various executives from Netflix, ICAB, and Brazil Audiovisual Independent (BRAVI).

The news of the donation comes a few weeks after Netflix announced that it is creating a $100 million fund to help the film and television industry get through the coronavirus outbreak.

Netflix is the latest company to give money to help others in combating the disease. Companies like Kenneth Cole, Artizia, Haus Labs, Grande Cosmetics, and many others have also contributed to various charities.

COVID-19 is not just a public health risk. It is also an economic nightmare cascading a series of job losses and layoffs as businesses plunge during global lockdowns.

In the United States, the Economic Policy Institute predicted that 14 million jobs would be lost by the summer despite a fiscal stimulus from the federal government. California and Texas will have the most significant COVID-19 layoffs, while Nevada will put most employees out of work in the private sector, specifically in the hospitality and leisure industry.

Pictured is a logo for Netflix streaming service. AFP/Lionel BONAVENTURE